Review: VS Sassoon Ombre Hair Dryer Pack

VS Sassoon Ombre Hair Dryer Pack ★★★★
Price: $42.95
About: hair dryer set which contains a 2000 watt pink ombre hair dryer, soft cushion brush, sectioning clips and a concentrator nozzle.
Review: VS Sassoon have certainly taken the ombre trend to the next level with this dryer pack! This gorgeous hair dryer and it matching accessories have all found a special place in my daily beauty regime (while looking super cute when not in use). I was really excited to try out VS Sassoon Ombre Hair Dryer after recently chopping all my hair off in a Nicole Richie inspired 'do, and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. Ombre Hair Dryer contains a powerful 2000 watts which really packs a punch. It contains three heat settings, two speed settings and a cold blast setting, meaning it is versatile for all hair types and lengths, depending on your preference. I have personally have the medium heat and fastest speed setting works best on my thick hair. The dryer is quite lightweight and easy to grip which is great. You can dry your whole head without having to give your arms a break! Ombre Hair Dryer contains Ionic Conditioning Technology which helps to reduce frizz and leave hair with a silky smooth finish. I love using the concentrator nozzle to kick the smooth finish up another level and dry hair faster too. The four sectioning clips provided are sturdy enough to divide my thick hair and the cushion brush is a great alternative to my barrel brush. I really like Ombre Hair Dryer and I am so happy to own this set because I would definitely purchase this in future - although I am hoping this hair dryer lasts me a while!
Tip: Make sure you try all the settings to find the perfect mix for your hair!
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Susie, Brown Sugar Spray Tanning
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