Review: Parlux Melody Silencer

Parlux Melody Silencer ★★★½
Price: $39.95
About: lightweight device designed to reduce hair dryer noise. Compatible for all Parlux hair dryer models.
Review: If you own a Parlux hair dryer then you must read on because Melody Silencer is going to change the way you use your hair dryer. This clever little device helps to reduce the noise of any Parlux hair dryer on the market. Melody Silencer is a lightweight attachment which simply twists and locks on to the back (where the air is sucked in) of any Parlux hair dryer. Having long hair, and lots of it, hair washing is a chore that I just don't like doing and blow drying my hair consists of sitting under the machine for 30 minutes until all strands are dry - or almost dry. Therefore I am all for products which can either reduce the time it takes or muffles the noise from the hair dryer which seems to drone on and on. Melody Silencer is so easy to use - I simply pressed it to the back of my Parlux 3500 Supercompact dryer and twisted it in to place and it does not look bulky.

Once it is attached the noise is considerably reduced when Melody Silencer is attached, however my husband can still hear my hair dryer from down the hallway, and I too have noticed that the noise is still louder than I had expected, indicating that Melody Silencer works - but is not the be-all, end-all device some might assume when they discover this little wonder. The device is lightweight weighing just 52g but it was strangely noticeable over time as I dried my hair. Having said that though, my hair takes at least 20 minutes to dry so for those of you whose hair dries quickly, this won't be an issue whatsoever. I do love the fact that Melody Silencer is easy to use and how it effectively cuts out a lot of noise from the hair dryer so your poor ears don't have to work so hard, however I would love to see an improved version of this product overtime which is even more effective because while it does what it promises, I would not recommend using your Parlux with Melody Silencer attached at 2am after a big bender because your house mates will still hear it!
Purchased: No. Thank you Recreate Yourself for allowing me to trial this product.
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