Review: OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish

OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish ★★★★★
Price: $19.95
Size: 15ml
About: a new technologically-advanced nail polish which applies liquid and sets to a textured matte finish ranging from subtle to sparkle. Packaged in a glass nail polish bottle.
Review: I am a real girly girl but have never been a nail polish fanatic - until now. In the past year I have become more and more keen to spare a few minutes painting my nails - it all started with OPI Shatter and from there I started to play with their nail polish stickers but now I have a new favourite formula. OPI Liquid Sand nail polish is the coolest nail polish on the market and I am just so obsessed with the glitter matte formula that feels like wet sand does when the sandy grains stick together. The colour range is fantastic with many shades to choose from as well as gorgeous limited edition shades in new and limited edition collections such as The Great & Powerful Oz and Mariah Carey collections. My two current favourite shades are What Wizardry is This, a pewter gold shade which looks amazing with everything, and Alcatraz Rocks, a sparkly navy blue shade perfect for winter. While OPI does not advise adding a top coat to the polish (as it will change the appearance and feel of the nail polish), it is still possible to do and gives the polish a different look altogether. Whilst many nail polishes need to be removed and re-applied once they chip, Liquid Sand can be applied over existing polish and it will temporarily touch up the area. And I am not the only one falling head-over-heels with the formula - many friends and colleagues have commented on my nails with one girl rushing in to MYER and buying four in the one go! OPI Liquid Sand is awesome and I will certainly consider purchasing new shades in future.
Purchased: No.
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