Review: Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer

Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer ★★★★★
Price: $19.95
Size: 10ml
About: Liquid concealer made with mineral ingredients. Has a creamy texture, available in 3 colours. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: As a makeup artist myself, I am sceptical of all products until they blow me away but Nude By Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer is simply divine! Nude's Creative Director Clint Dowdall raved about this product in our recent interview but I had no idea just how good it was until I started using it for myself. Made from mineral ingredients such as the likes of Shea Butter, Jojoba and Vitamin E, this lovely concealer is free from parabens, talc, silicones and bismuth and I love that. Available in 3 adaptable shades to complement most skin tones, Liquid Mineral Concealer has a rich, creamy texture that is a little thicker than a liquid but thinner in consistency than a cream formula which means that it does not come out watery - it actually has a lovely strong pigment and therefore a really small amount can go a long way when dabbed on the skin because the coverage is really good. I highly recommend applying concealer after foundation and this way you are focusing on areas that just require a little more coverage. My skin tone is very fair and I found that the Light shade was perfect for concealing small flaws on my skin, however for bad acne or other noticeable flaws, I recommend using a shade darker because we want to hide flaws and not accentuate them by brightening the area. So now I alternate between the light for everyday use and the Medium to conceal my flaws or to use when I fake tan. The coverage is so impressive for a $20 concealer - I have been using a $45 concealer for a year because I love its coverage and Liquid Mineral Concealer is a fabulous, more affordable competitor - not only is it half the price, it is also made of skin loving ingredients. Bonus! I will absolutely consider purchasing Liquid Mineral Concealer in future.
Tip: As a makeup artist I recommend applying concealer after foundation - otherwise you would conceal the whole of your face! Using fingertips, dab a little Liquid Mineral Concealer around the inner corner of eyes and gently press outward to blend to precision. Also add a dab to the outer corner of eyes to banish any darkness and also around the nostrils. Perfecto!
Purchased: No.
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