Review: Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum

Kosmea Eighth Natural Wonder™ Revitalising Facial Serum ★★★★½
Price: $69.95
Size: 50ml
About: oil-based facial serum made from all natural ingredients including myoxinol and rosehip oil. Packaged in a plastuc bottle with pump applicator.
Review: It took me quite a while, but finally I realised the benefits of using Rosehip oil, and discovered that using an oil based serum doesn’t necessarily mean that my combination skin is going to break out. Currently pregnant and struggling to get a good night’s sleep, I cannot deny that I am often tired, and that shows up on my skin too, making it look more dull than normal, and existing lines and wrinkles seem more pronounced. Having never before tried a Kosmea skincare product, I decided to do a little research, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Kosmea, which is in fact an Australian brand, was the first company to bring Rosehip oil to Australia. How many other brands have since followed troop! Kosmea products are all free from mineral oils, artificial colours, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate, and animal ingredients. The products are not tested on animals, and all products come in recyclable packaging. I love that! Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum claims to have “the effect of ‘freezing’ fine lines and wrinkles giving skin instant youthfulness and vitality. Combined with organic rose hip oil, this duo form nature’s answer to cosmetic surgery!” ... Sounds just what my skin needs!

As I am currently pregnant, I am more conscious of the ingredients of the skincare products that I use, but I need not worry as the Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum contains natural ingredients. The serum also contains rosehip oil, hibiscus extract, pea extract, rose geranium oil, which wok together to give the skin the anti-ageing benefits. Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum does not contain artificial fragrance, instead it has a very lovely natural scent, which is is such a nice change from products with strong artificial scents. The scent is quite subtle, although it does linger after the serum has absorbed into the skin – but I like the scent and it doesn’t bother me at all. Unlike rosehip oil, Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum has a consistency and texture like a cream, and is not as greasy either. In fact, it absorbs instantly into the skin leaving it soft and feeling smooth without appearing greasy - probably because it absorbs into the skin so quickly. When applied in the morning my makeup stays nice throughout the day – nicer than normal. It's as if the serum has a normalising effect on my skin, making it feel and look less greasy, and it seems to stop the makeup from settling into fine lines too. At night time, I also use my usual night cream on top because I feel that my skin needs the extra moisture, and the next morning I wake with soft, and thoroughly moisturised skin. 

After now having used the Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum for several weeks, my
skin looks and feels softer and is well hydrated, without making my skin congested or pimply and has even seemed to normalised my normally oily skin. It is as if some of my age spots/pigmentation are slowly starting to fade so my skin tone seems a little brighter, more even and consequently also more radiant. Fine lines, in particularly around the eye area and on my forehead, seems to have minimised as well. Eighth Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum is quite concentrated and it spreads easily, so just one pump is more than sufficient to cover my whole face, so although the serum is not the cheap at $69.95 for 50ml, the bottle will last you quite a while and is definitely worth the money. It comes in a simple slim bottle with a pump, which I really like, as it is not only easy to use and dispense exactly the amount needed, it is more hygienic than having to constantly dip your fingers into a jar. My only negative about this serum, is a minor one is the fact that you cannot see how much product is left in the bottle, as I do prefer to be prepared and have a backup at hand before running out. All in all, this really has made an improvement on the condition and look of my skin, and in such a short period of time, so you can truly call it a wonder product. I will enjoy using the rest of the serum, and consider purchasing it in the future.
Purchased: No.