Review: Benefit The POREfessional

Benefit The POREfessional ★★★★★
Price: $53.00
Size: 22ml
About: makeup primer with a silicone consistency designed to lengthen the wear of makeup. Also smooths out large pores and conceals flaws. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: This makeup primer has the 'wow' factor; not only does Benefit The POREfessional act as a makeup base to help keep makeup looking fresh for longer, this silicone based formula creates a stunning smooth film over the skin which sits along enlarged pores and temporarily eradicates their visual appearance! Having enlarged pores that sit along my cheeks near my nostrils, I admit that while others cannot see them, I know they are there and it bothers me to see them even when wearing makeup so it is just so nice to be able to conceal them using  The POREfessional. The lightweight formula glides over the skin and is actually really deceiving for first time users because when you first see the formula, one would assume that a lot is needed when in fact a pea sized amount is more than enough to cover the face (and maybe a tad more to cover the neck area also). If you are used to creamy liquid primers then the texture of this might feel a little strange at first but you do get used to it quickly. The POREfessional is a light skintone colour and blends out to a translucent finish. What I love most about this multi-tasking primer is the fact that it can be worn over and underneath makeup so while it will help makeup last longer throughout the day, and keep it looking fresh, when a touch of this is lightly dabbed over open pores once makeup is applied, the pores will appear to have been erased in just seconds. Plus the product blends in over makeup and does not look like it was even applied on top - genius! I have used The POREfessional in the past on makeup clients whilst on wedding jobs and this little wonder has miraculously concealed the appearance of really (really) large pores and women have been so thrilled at my 'magician' work! Please know that whilst it does eradicate the appearance of open pores, unfortunately your pores are still there - but hey, you were expecting that right? The easy squeeze tube makes the product hygienic and easy to apply and the vintage/retro hottie on the front is really cute as well. I will certainly purchase The POREfessional in future when I am in need of concealing my woeful pores and flaws and will continue to recommend it to others.
Purchased: No. Thank you beautyheaven for providing this product for review.
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