'One For The Girls' Moxie Supports Ugandan Women

That time of the month again? Imagine reaching for a pair of scissors and a piece of newspaper to create a makeshift sanitary pad - it seems like a crazy thought but this is reality for school girls in Uganda. One in ten African girls skip school when they menstruate due to poor access to effective sanitary products such as banana fibers and leaves. These girls will miss approximately 20 per cent of their school year which obviously impacts on their education and academic potential. And along with their periods often comes a great deal of embarrassment and shame. Heartbreaking!

Founder of Australian-owned sanitary brand Moxie, Mia Klitsas has proudly announced the launch of One For The Girls, a partnership with Ugandan based organisation, AFRIpads. Their aim is to provide a minimum of 6,000 young Ugandan school girls with sanitary products and mentrual education so that they can continue to attend schooling like any first-world country school girl will.

How you can help: 
1) For every pack of Moxie Slenders Pads, Moxie Slenders Liners and Moxie Sleepovers Pads sold, Moxie will provide AFRIpad with the equivalent amount of washable and reusable pads in the form of ‘Deluxe Menstrual Kits’, each designed to last up to a year. These kits are hand-made locally in Uganda by a team of over 50 women, meaning that the initiative not only helps school girls but also generates income for Ugandan women in business. The initiative ends 31.12.2013.

2) Send a Tweet or Instagram a photo of something which that you are grateful for ... it could be your favourite lipstick, a bowl of spaghetti or a cuddle with your little one and share it using the following hashtag: #oneforthegirls

Will you be supporting this cause? What are you grateful for?