Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 8 Wrap Up: Weeks 6 & 7

Madeline & Jade (Week 6)
Abbie & Duckie (Week 6)
Ashley & Melissa (Week 6)
Shanali & Taylor (Week 6)
Dajana & Shannon (Week 6)
Abbie (Week 7)
Ashley (Week7)
Dajana (Week7)
Duckie (Week 7)
Jade (Week 7)
Madeline (Week 7)
Melissa (Week 7)
Shanali (Week 7)
Shannon (Week 7)
Having been so busy of late I will be posting Australia's Next Top Model updates on a fortnightly basis.

Episode 6 received so much hype in the lead up to the episode as we all asked ourselves, 'who has been eliminated for bullying'? After a fun day completing a painting challenge in the outback, Ashley decided to throw paint at the girls in a play fight but Tayla took it personally when her clothing became stained and placed her hands around Ashley's throat. Although warned about her behaviour after the challenge, Tayla was allowed to take part in the weekly photo shoot. The shoot was really sexy and fun, with girls being paired up to shoot together and it was so interesting to see how they worked as duos. My two favourite shots: Madeline & Jade was my personal pick with Tayla & Shanali coming in as a close second. Unfortunately for Tayla though her behaviour proved unacceptable and even though her shot was one of the strongest for the week, she was eliminated.

Episode 7 took the girls through their paces with Jennifer Hawkins and Gabrielle Manning of Manning Cartell judging the girl's runway walk and giving them constructive criticism. The challenge for this week was to attend a casting for Colgate MaxWhite where they had to dazzle and delight everyone they met there. Jade came out trumps with her fantastic attitude and lovely smile. The girls were encouraged to smile in their weekly and challenged a few of the models to appear happy, bubbly and charismatic. While some of the girls thrived, others struggled to to turn on their charm. Melissa & Madeline made this week's bottom two but with the pressure rising, it was time to say goodbye to Madeline, who was struggling to keep a consistency in her photographic portfolio.

So who is going to win? And then there was 8 ...