Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub ★★
Price: $11.99 
Size: 125ml
About: oil-free cleansing scrub which consists of both physical and chemical exfoliating properties. Suitable for normal, dry and combination skin types. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: I like the inclusion of Salicylic Acid in Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, which also delivers antibacterial properties to reduce infection. Likewise, it has the ability to penetrate deep down into the follicles to clear out impurities lodged in my pores and target pimples, while thoroughly removing all traces of makeup. I’m not personally fond of the microbeads, even though granules do keep the surface of my skin exfoliated by sloughing away dead, dulling cells. I find the formulation is too harsh and therefore not the best solution for my unique needs. The beads aren’t overly abrasive or more so than other standard scrubs, it’s only when on my skin that even a gentle massaging motion causes the roughness leading to my physical discomfort. Besides, grainy scrubs don’t bother the average person - most people actually like that sensation. Because I experienced numerous negative setbacks with the product, I couldn’t recommend it for anyone with an oily complexion or sensitivity issues. I’d like to suggest the probability that people with normal to dry skin may achieve more desirable results. Also, the BHA benefits are typically supportive of breakout prone skin, but it comes down to trial and error for the individual, depending on how your skin reacts to the product itself.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub is available at various major retailers for a price suited to even the most budget conscience person and because it’s not gender specific, it may appeal to both men and women. Consider it for a handy addition to your household bathroom, to keep on hand whenever someone desires a super-duper, heavy-duty exfoliating cleanse or for a quick-fix when you need prompt skin enhancing results, prior to a special occasion or big event. The rich, slightly-foaming, creamy, white scrub is laced with visible crushed granules throughout and has a runny, fluid-like consistency that comes out more fluently when given a good shake before dispensing. The refreshing, citrus fragrance is quite sweet and smells similar to an orange soft drink, but most of all, I like how this type of scent is energising and boosts my senses, making it perfect for an early morning wake-up call. Just a small 5-cent coin sized amount of product is enough to massage into my entire face and neck, rinsing off clean, without any sign of pesky residue. I noticed the texture of the formula was a bit rough and scratchy on my fragile skin, so I had to be cautious during the application process to avoid scrubbing with pressure. After washing, my face instantly feels squeaky clean and uncomfortably tight, but it was also considerably soft and smooth to touch. After several applications, I determined this scrub wasn’t compatible enough for me to keep using as frequently and once a day was definitely overdoing it. Regular manual exfoliation stripped away my protective-surface oils and my skin started getting raw, taut, unusually dry and flaky, plus I developed increased redness. However, despite lacking in moisture, my face became abnormally greasy, creating an overproduction of oil to compensate the loss, which I suspect then triggered an onset of irregular blemishes. I decided to wind down its usage to just once a week during the trial period and that suited my skin's needs. If you are prone to sensitivity issues, even if it’s only from time to time, I advise that you limit scrubbing on the delicate inner cheeks and nose. These areas are already prone to redness and it’s very easy to exacerbate the problem and increase irritation.

Ever since, I’ve used it as an occasional scrub, it’s helpful at discarding impurities and effectively reveals fresh, new skin in an instance, that’s super smooth, silky soft and a whole lot brighter in appearance. It is important to remember every time I opt for this product, I must follow with an adequately hydrating moisturiser to replace any natural fluids lost during exfoliating. The scrub is housed in a short, stocky, squeezable tube that’s sturdy and features a solid, flip-top lid for ease of access and to prevent the possibility of leaks and spills. The packaging is evidently recognisable as hailing from the Neutrogena family and is orange, white and blue in colour, with black text on the front and back, distinctly displaying product information, directions, contact details and a full ingredient list. I wouldn’t be interested in purchasing this facial exfoliator again for myself in the future.  I have only rated it with 2 stars, basing my decision solely on my own experience, which unfortunately due to my fussy, oily complexion, wasn’t very positive. I withdrew a full star due to stripping essential oils and making my face greasier than ever, then another ½ a star for the discomfort I sustained using the granular formula and finally ½ a star each for having to suffer with skin that was tight, red and raw!
Tip: If the scrub is incompatible, you don’t have to waste a drop. It makes for an ideal, cost-effective hand and foot treatment scrub, especially If you suffer from dry heels, as it abolishes unsightly rough, chapped, cracked skin and keeps them ultra soft and supple. The bonus is the scrubs invigorating properties, help stimulate circulation to relieve and relax, tired, and overworked hands or feet. 
Purchased: No.