Review: Curtis Collection Baked Blush - Goddess Collection

Curtis Collection Baked Blush - Goddess Collection ★★★★½
Price: $35.00
About: pressed powder blush designed to wear evenly throughout use of the product. Packaged in a plastic compact with no mirror.
Review: Curtis Collection might be a relatively new cosmetic brand but their quality products are grabbing my attention - fast! Baked Blush Goddess Collection currently houses five gorgeous blush shades which gives cheeks a natural flush of colour without looking or feeling artificial. I am currently wearing Dollface a pretty pale pink shade that offers a super soft 'barely there' finish on cheeks. The super lightweight and slightly pearlescent powder formula also ever so subtly provides an illuminating sheen that brightens the skin's appearance, like the complimenting Curtis Collection Illuminating Bronzer. While Dollface is probably a bit too subtle for me being a makeup artist, and so I tend to get a little heavy handed trying to build up the colour. Havng said that, there are other brighter shades in the range which would not require as much dabbling about. I am really impressed with the lightweight formula which does not have a lingering scent - in fact it does not have a scent at all. Hoping to purchase Fashionista, a gorgeous peach, as my next Baked Blush because I am really in love with them. Being a baked blush you can be sure that the powder formula will not crack, instead wearing evenly from surface to the base of the compact. Baked Blush - Goddess Collection does not contain a mirror or applicator brushes which I am personally grateful for because no woman should apply blush on the go, nor should she use terrible applicator brushes ever! This is an affordable blush with a pretty range of shades to choose from.
Purchased: No.
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