Polka Dots

Retro is back with a vengeance! And when these gorgeous pieces arrived I knew right away that I had myself the perfect weekend outfit. Keds are only growing in popularity here in Oz but in the US they are huge and I can see why: they look great and they are so darn comfy. Obsessed with skater dresses and knit/boyfriend style cardi's, I was in heaven when I discovered that polkadots and crop top knits look super cute together too. Fine, delicate jewellery is on trend again and Diva has an amazing range of gold, silver and rose gold pieces to keep your look current. With these pretty Diva accessories starting from $8.00 with the most expensive buy being the limited edition Taylor Swift X Keds 'Red' at $69.95, there is something here for everyone.

My style today: Cute, comfortable and approachable.

My pick: Diva's absolutely gorgeous Clock It Rose Gold Timepiece, which looks very similar to a Michael Kors rose gold watch that I had been eyeing off last season.

Are you a polkadot girl?