5 Minutes With ... Clint Dowdell, Nude By Nature

As we become more knowledgeable, we have become increasingly aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Ten years ago there was no such thing as mineral makeup and most of us didn't think twice about the products we placed on our skin. Then mineral makeup came along and changed the way we thought; in fact mineral products turned the whole beauty industry on its head. It's amazing to think that ten years ago Nude By Nature did not exist and today it is Australia's leading mineral makeup brand of choice. With the recent launch of their new liquid foundation and BB cream as well as the constant introduction of innovative new products, we couldn't think of a better time to chat with Clint Dowdell, the friendly and passionate Creative Director & Leading Makeup Artist for Nude By Nature...

Clint how long have you worked in the beauty industry? Technically years! Professionally around 10 years, but before that I had a theatre company where we couldn't afford to pay make-up artists, so I used to do it. I guess that's where I really started to grow my love for the industry and how you can transform a face. 

You have a role that many can only dream of. How did you land this prestigious title? As they often say, success is 80% luck and 20% talent! But seriously, I love my job and I work hard. I was luck enough to meet Peter Nicholas (the CEO of Nude by Nature) while I was working at Mecca Cosmetica. There we formed a friendship that led to me working with the brand, appearing on the adverts, and finally leading to my current role. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to work with this amazing brand and help to grow it to one of the most powerful brands in Australia. It is a dream for sure. 

As Creative Director for Nude By Nature, what are your career highlights to date? There has been a few wild rides, that's for sure. Working with Jesinta Campbell and Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs was a lot of fun. Lots of fashion shows, runways, photo shoots (often on exotic locations or boats!) have all added to the experience. But the real joy has been seeing the success it has garnered and the public love for the products.

Why is mineral makeup and skincare important to you? To be truthful, at first they weren't! When I started with Nude By Nature I was someone who was very much obsessed with performance over what was in the ingredients list. It was only when I started to see that Nude offers the best of both worlds that I realised that natural is also effective. So now I am super critical of products that continue to use non-natural preservatives and potentially damaging ingredients because I know you don't need them to get the results you want.

And they look professional too! Nude by Nature is Australia’s leading makeup brand. How does it compare against competitor brands? It's amazing! It performs as good as any powder foundation on the market and the new liquids are incredible! The concealer is fast becoming a makeup must-have in every woman's kit! The great thing is that when I started we were Australia's leading Mineral Make-up Brand … now we are become Australia's leading make-up brand full stop! It's really exciting. That's why I'm so happy to shout from the roof tops about it.

In a few words, how would you describe the Nude by Nature consumer? Someone who enjoys a flawless complexion, but doesn't have an hour to do it! They appreciate performance, value, ease of use and enjoy the natural, kind ingredients this Australian icon boasts.

Who would you most love to see using Nude by NatureHmmm … the thing I do love is that everyone can use it. From the makeup savvy to the woman who has never been good at it! But if I had to pick a star…I do love Asher Keddie!!

We love the brand’s concept and like everyone, we have seen the infomercials hundreds of times. So which products are your top 3 and why? 
1) Mineral Cover. Of course this is top of the list. Easy, buildable, skin finish….there is no reason NOT to love it!
2) Liquid Mineral Concealer. I may or may not use this little gem everyday! Flawless, dewy and light. Love it.
3) Finishing Veil. It helps you lock in make-up and control shine without flattening the make-up's appearance.

They all sound amazing. Can you share any tips when choosing or applying mineral makeup? Instead of the swirl, tap, buff application that most have been taught to do, try this: load the tip of your brush with Mineral Cover, turn it upright (bristles towards the ceiling) and tap till the powder disappears into the brush. In smooth, gentle strokes apply the Mineral Cover to the face and then buff into the skin in small, circular motions. This means that your face gets Nude and not your bathroom.

What else can we expect to see from Nude by NatureThe next big push for us this year is skin care! One particular product to watch out for is the Nude by Nature Miracle Serum. It truly is miraculous!

Finally Clint, what makes you feel SpoiltBeing surrounded by my amazing friends and family. I recently celebrated my birthday and spent time with my nieces and nephews which was incredible (being the fun uncle they are all over me!). Then I was Spoilt by friends with dinner and company. I'm a lucky man.

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