5 Minutes With ... Anthony & Charles, 8 Other Reasons

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with jewellery but there are 8 Other Reasons why you can't go past this emerging label! Established in 2010 by young fashion enthusiasts, Anthony Nohra and Charles Lichaa, 8 Other Reasons has 'wow'ed Aussie celebs including Jennifer Hawkins as well as fashion stylists and bloggers around the world. Their unique fashion forward designs have pushed the boundaries to create jewellery that is contemporary, desirable and sets them apart from the rest. Having fallen in love with 8 Other Reasons Resurrection bracelet and The Battle necklace, I couldn't resist a chat with the boys ...

Anthony and Charles could you tell us about 8 Other Reasons and how it began? 8 Other Reasons began with the simple love for designer fashion and accessories as well as the idea of making a product that was on trend but attainable in price. We started the brand on a kitchen table beading bracelets and gluing jewels to chains. We had a love for juxtaposing materials and statement jewellery and wanted to create an accessories brand that stood out.

And that it does! How did you choose the name? We had this concept that we needed to have a reason behind the brand name and not just name it something that sounded ‘cool’. We narrowed a long list to 8 brand name ideas and decided to call the brand 8 Other Reasons. We both had a connection to the number 8, both being born on the 8th.

What made you venture in to designing jewellery? We have both been designing and making our own clothes and accessories for years – we fell into jewellery as a lead up to our vision of building an international fashion label and haven’t stopped since.

With backgrounds in photography and industrial design, do you find that these creative outlets are similar in certain ways? We believe that both photography and design crossover beautifully as both are avenues used to express our creativity – they both focus on a subject, a muse or an inspiration. It works to our advantage having backgrounds cemented in these industries as we both bring to table a point of difference and what believe to be a tailored approaching to jewellery making. With having strong backgrounds in design and photography we can also look at pieces, finishes and styles from a different light.

In a few words, how would you describe the 8 Other Reasons consumer? The 8OR girl is unapologetically sexy – what we like to call a baller bohemian. She is beautifully intense and always perfectly undone, she the stone cold fox in boots and the life of every party.

8 Other Reasons is so unique with its stunning mix of masculine and feminine touches. Where do you turn for inspiration? We tend to be inspired by both the simplest concepts, and the most complex. Like all designers alike we have a black book of all our muses and inspirations for the occasional designers block, mainly filled with campaigns from the 90’s of notable fashion labels. We aim to seasonal serve up an aesthetic which speaks a global language, I think it’s also important to not take design too seriously and have some fun with it.

Anthony & Charles, which design is your current favourite and why? Our favourite piece is The Addiction bracelet – we love the dangerous looking spikes with the mixed metals. It’s one of those pieces you can wear with anything ... and having 8 as our lucky number it worked out perfect.

We hear you are soon to be releasing a White Label... could you tell us more about this exciting addition? We are in the works of developing an extension to our brand titled ‘White Label’ which will be a capsule collection of pieces, which have no price range in mind and solely focus on every design attribute of the piece.

Very nice. Which fashion trend are you currently obsessing over? We are loving the monochrome trend and leather pants.

Which celebrity would you love to see rocking 8 Other ReasonsThe very sexy Rihanna – she is a daily source of inspiration and her style transcends the world over.

What makes you feel SpoiltAnything Alexander McQueen or Hermes.

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