The Winners of Our La Mav Facebook Competition

Winners Announced! Have you won???
After much deliberation, I have chosen the following 3 entries ... congratulations! To redeem your prize please contact me here with your name and address. Thank you so much to all who entered!

Winner 1: Jess
It’s important for because my family’s health history paints a bleak and depressing picture. Losing family members when they were so young made me revaluate my lifestyle and look for ways to improve my quality of life. After a lot of research and advice I now try to eat and maintain an organic lifestyle. Eating organic is also me promoting a healthy environment that we live in.
Following on my from that organic skin care is very important to me because my skin is the largest organ and whatever products I use and apply to your skin will end up in my bloodstream. You only get one body, look after it and treat it the best you can.
Winner 2: Sussi Mallon
Organic is not only good for our skin & our bodies but good for the environment. Great skincare does not need to be selfish. If we look after our beautiful world, SHE will keep looking after us! #LaMavOrganicSkincare & #Spoiltblog understand... Women can lead the world in change.
Winner 3: Meedee1
With cancer being such a big thing in my genetic makeup it makes me even more aware of the chemicals that can be inflicted upon my body. Organic means that all the ingredients in the product have come from sources that are chemical free and that gives peace of mind.
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Thanks to our lovely friends at our favourite organic skincare brand, La Mav Organic Skincare and Spoilt are giving not one but THREE lucky readers the chance to win a La Mav Anti-Ageing Pack, which contains award winning skin-loving products. Each pack is valued at over $170.00!!

La Mav Anti-Ageing Pack contains:
1 x La Mav Bio VA5 Daily Wrinkle Smoothing Crème 50ml
1 x La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar 30ml
1 x La Mav Bio-A7 Firming Eye Lotion 15ml
1 x La Mav Commiphora Extract Ultra Plumping Serum 3ml

About the range: 100% naturally derived certified organic, La Mav Wrinkle-Smoothng range is gentle on the skin yet includes powerful bio-actives including antioxidants that promote the cellular renewal function, having which a skin repairing effect and providing support to the skin’s dermal network: Vigna Aconitifolia Extract, Hibiscus Esculentus Extract, Argania Spinosa Extract, Commiphora Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Ubiquinone (Co Q10), and Essential Fatty Acids are key ingredients in the range and have proven effects on skin smoothing and plumping.

La Mav founder (and someone I truly admire), Tarj Mavi explains the importance of regularly using age-defence skincare “The only way to keep looking your best is by looking after your skin - by using skincare that supports both the dermal and epidermal structure. Regular use of products containing these powerful bio-actives can reduce premature ageing”.

For your chance to win:
1. Like Spoilt and La Mav on Facebook.
2. Share our competition image using Facebook (available on our Facebook page).
3. Leave a comment below answering the following question: "Why is organic so important to you?"

Winners will be chosen once we reach 950 likes on Facebook. Good luck!