Review: Oral-B TriZone 3000 Power Brush

Oral-B Trizone 3000 Power Brush ★★★★½
Price: $179.99
About: electric toothbrush designed to brush away up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Brush pulsates 40,000 times per minute. Contains a pressure-control feature to prevent pressing too hard. Contains 30-second intervals and a battery indicator for re-charging.
Review: For four weeks I have been using TriZone 3000 Power Brush twice a day, morning and night. While I have owned electric toothbrushes in the past, none of them compare to this one in the slightest - years of technology have combined to make this what I believe to be the best electric toothbrush currently on the market. TriZone 3000 Power Brush is a clever electronic toothbrush with a brush head that pulsates 40,000 times in-and-out per minute, effectively removing up to 100% more plaque from the surface of each tooth than any manual handheld toothbrush. Having just had all wisdom teeth removed, and having always hated that feeling of plaque build-up on the teeth, it was such a fantastic relief to discover that using TriZone 3000 Power Brush virtually rids every single tooth from that dirty feeling, and leaves my teeth, gums and tongue feeling so clean in just 90 seconds. TriZone 3000 Power Brush contains a built-in 30-second interval timer and it is recommended that you spend 30-seconds on each section of your mouth: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right, but I personally find that two minutes drags out and 90 seconds seems to do the trick. Regardless, the 30-second intervals are a great way to create healthy new habits and do remind you if you are not brushing for as long as you should to create a thorough clean. I really love how easy TriZone 3000 Power Brush is to use and I am extremely impressed to see that it reaches even the farthest areas of my mouth as well as around my gums, the inside of my cheeks, the roof of my mouth and also my tongue.

What I dislike - and there are only two things I genuinely dislike - is the pressure-control feature because when I press too hard on the teeth or tongue as I give it a clean, a red light will flash from the handle of the toothbrush and this truly takes getting used to. In fact when I first noticed it, I recall thinking, 'gee you wouldn't want to have epilepsy!' because the flash is right there in your face and it is hard to escape. Sure, it is a really good idea to be reminded when brushing too hard on the precious tooth's surface but I am not sure if the flashing red light is the right way to approach this. The other thing I dislike is the fact that you need to hold the power button for a full second to stop and turn off the oscillating brush bristles and there have been many occasions when I took it straight out of my mouth and straight under a running tap to rinse the bristles, only to experience a messy flicker of toothpaste, water and saliva all over the bench and beyond. This is a really annoying feature.

TriZone 3000 Power Brush is not too heavy and has a nice comfortable grip so it will not fall out of your grasp while in use. The clean finish it gives teeth is just remarkable and I am so chuffed with how my teeth look and feel. Gone are the days when I felt a bit of plaque in my teeth after manual brushing, or the times when I notice teeth still look yellow after a brushing session because TriZone 3000 Power Brush addresses both of these concerns. It leaves my teeth feeling as though I have just had a professional clean at the dentist (and makes his arduous efforts look like a waste of time), and just yesterday I discovered a yellow tooth which had me a little concerned because as a tea and coffee drinker, it is hard to prevent stains but within 20 seconds of running the pulsating brush along that tooth and its surrounding teeth, the stain was gone altogether and I was completely amazed! For those who still have wisdom teeth, you will love TriZone 3000 Power Brush because its brush head has a dynamic angled tip for hard to reach back teeth and if you have deep fissures in your teeth like I do, you can now enjoy a cleaner feel for longer. TriZone 3000 Power Brush also contains a battery charger which is so easy to use because the toothbrush has a small charger icon towards the bottom of the handle which will light up when battery is running low. And it is so easy to charge the battery - simply rest the TriZone 3000 Power Brush on its re-chargable handset by standing it upright, and leave it to do its thing. TriZone 3000 Power Brush is truly well worth the price you pay and I honestly don't think I can go back to manual brushing - ever again. The box contains a warranty and also a tray to hold an additional two brush heads so once you have worn out the first, you can continue to enjoy TriZone 3000 Power Brush until you have purchased another set of brushes. If you're good and floss regularly, your teeth will make your friends envious because we all know that a brighter smile is better than an unkempt yellow grin!
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