Review: Nivea Visage Naturally Even Night Cream

Nivea Visage Naturally Even Night Cream ★★★½
Price: $12.99
Size: 50ml
About: anti-ageing evening moisturiser that boosts the natural cell renewal process and tackles pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Recommended for all skin types, packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: I’ve used this night cream in conjunction with the daily moisturiser in the same range for the past month and have noticed a slight improvement in the overall appearance of my skin. The tone hasn’t changed too drastically, but it’s definitely got a nice, healthy looking glow about it, so thumbs up for the radiance factor. The gentle formulation doesn’t irritate, clog pores or cause me breakouts; therefore it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin. Nivea Visage Naturally Even Night Cream makes for a luxurious, budget-friendly, anti-ageing night cream that may, over time, help reduce the visible signs of premature ageing and treat you to a brighter, clearer, healthier-looking complexion, all while you kick back and enjoy your beauty sleep. The cream is white in colour with a thick, silky texture and has a sweet, refreshing fruity-like scent that leaves my skin delectably fragranced. Just a small pea-sized amount of this rich, velvety cream spreads sufficiently over my face and neck, although it needs a bit of working to ensure it’s totally disappeared from sight. Once applied, it takes several minutes to become completely dry, yet even then it still leaves a fairly sticky residue on my face. It’s highly nourishing and gives my skin plenty of hydration, leaving it super soft, but by the time I wake up in the morning there is a fine layer of oily film coating the surface. Thankfully, after cleansing my skin maintains hydration and looks fresh and lucent. The humidity exacerbates my oiliness, so I am interested in attempting it again during the cooler, winter months to see if it’s any less greasy. In my opinion, this night cream is too rich to be suitable for oily complexions. It comes in a cardboard wrap adorned with the prominent blue and white Nivea logo, plus a partial flower design in a trio of pink hues to identify the product range. Inside, the squeezable soft plastic tube has the same presentation as the outer box, which stands upright on its sturdy flip-top lid. At this stage, I probably wouldn’t bother buying it again myself, so unless I achieve more successful results in the cooler months, it’s not ideal for me. I’m rating Nivea Naturally Even Night Cream with 3 1/2 stars out of five, deducting one star, as I don’t believe it’s compatible for all skin types – it’s far too greasy for oily skin. It loses another half a star for performance, especially considering it only provided a subtle correction in my skin tone, proving the anti-ageing effects are quite mediocre.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger.