Leather Is Forever

Skirt: Storm Jagger PU Skirt | Blouse: by Shilla | Jacket: Embellished Stud Shoulder Jacket available from Fashionista Depot| Shoes: by Zu.

This season, I am completely obsessed with leather so I am thrilled to present to you my Leather is Forever editorial, showcasing an array of fabulous pieces from talented and affordable designers. Now we're in the early days of winter it's so good to see the sun is still out, yet it is also the perfect excuse to get your tough bikie chick face on and pull out your leather jacket - everyone should own one - it's not negotiable! Especially this season, however trying the nail the leather look is not always affordable, so I have come up with some fabulous affordable options ... and guess what? These are all 'pleather', the PU version of the real deal. Genius! 

Why do you love leather so much?