Blunt: the Best Umbrella Ever!

Are you sick of umbrellas that fall apart and turn inside-out when you need them most? I hate getting wet and being unprepared in the rain. Recently we discovered an umbrella that is like no other - it does not fall apart, doesn't turn inside-out, comes in a range of colours and sizes, AND it looks good too! Introducing: Blunt Umbrella, an umbrella brand which features the latest in design technology. Boasting a uniquely tensioned canopy designed to eliminate sharp edges and weak points, it holds effortlessly in the wind and provides maximum control - even in the harshest of storms. 

I recently received a large cardboard tube and as I unravelled the brown paper packaging, I discovered Blunt for the very first time. To see the professional and striking initial packaging surrounding the umbrella it, I was already sold. After opening the tube, I pulled out a large cheery canary yellow umbrella which was encased in an umbrella cover that ensures the umbrella is protected, does not drip everywhere after a session in the rain.

It didn't take long until the rain came and I was in need of my Blunt umbrella. On the first occasion Blunt handled the drizzle nicely and was easy to manoeuvre. On a rainier afternoon with guests of wind, Blunt was once again reliable, standing strong against the weather conditions and keeping me protected from my least favourite weather. I am so impressed by this fabulous umbrella and don't think I could ever justify spending money on a cheap one ever again.

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