Baileys Has a New Look + Winter Warmer Recipes

Did you know that ... Baileys was the worldʼs first cream liqueur? This delicious unique blend of smooth Irish cream with quality spirits and whiskey has won more medals than any of its competitors. And who is to argue with its success with over 82 million bottles sold world wide each year! Although this billion dollar liqueur is much loved by all ages, much of the younger adult population turns towards mixer drinks instead. So fashion-forward brand Baileys has re-designed their bottle, recently launching a sleek and stylish new black bottle and teamed up with Aussie designer label, Bless'ed Are The Meek for their re-launch campaign.

Bless'ed Are The Meek designer Maria Maung explained why the brand chose to collaborate with Baileys saying, "I strive to make beautiful clothing that celebrates femininity and appeals to a confident, stylish woman. With Baileys launching its feminine new look bottle, there was a natural synergy with Bless’ed are the Meek. The collaboration felt like a perfect fit as we both look to celebrate the softness and strength embodied by the modern woman!" Nicely said.

Next time you head to the liquor store for a smooth and delicious option, make sure you consider Baileys, it makes a fabulous dessert option (try pouring it over vanilla ice cream), and get the girls together to try their yummy winter warmer recipes (my recommendation is the Baileys Chai - mmmm). For more recipes head to their Facebook page and get creative! Enjoy and remember to please drink responsibly.

What do you love most about Baileys?

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