5 Minutes With ...Victoria Curtis, Curtis Collection

Victoria Curtis is more than just another beautiful blonde. Although married to gorgeous A-League soccer star, Michael Theo, Victoria wanted to be more than the woman in the shadow of her successful husband. With a background in, and love of cosmetics as well as a degree in accounting, Victoria combined the two and launched Curtis Collection, a professional luxe makeup brand in 2012. It has not been an easy road, Victoria tells us, but all-the-while it has been a rewarding experience to achieve her vision. Made from quality ingredients and injected with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, Curtis Collection boasts an extensive product range which is highly pigmented, long lasting, and affordable. Having fallen in love with Curtis Collection we were only too thrilled to chat with Victoria...

Victoria, congratulations on your prestigious beauty brand! How has the journey been so far? Thank you! So far the journey has been exciting, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Luckily I truly love what I do and although there is a lot of hard work involved behind the scenes, as well as many sleepless nights ... meeting my customers and hearing their amazing feedback about our products certainly makes it all worthwhile! Running my own business has taught me that I can do and achieve anything I want to through hard work and determination and never settling for second best. I have also met and had the privilege of working with some amazing people along the way and am really excited about the future of Curtis Collection!

So how did Curtis Collection evolve? Having grown up in a family of very talented hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty therapists, my love affair with all things beauty started at a very young age. In recent years in my marketing role at L’Oreal Australia, I spent much of my time working with beauty salons and felt that there was an opportunity in the market to launch a luxury cosmetics brand specifically for the salon industry. My vision was to combine the chic style of a department store makeup counter with high quality products, ingredients and formulas that would complement a salon’s beauty services and their total skin approach. My quest for the ultimate makeup collection saw me travel around the globe sourcing the highest grade of vitamins and minerals, cutting edge formulas and chic sophisticated packaging in order to create what is now known as the Curtis Collection. Within 8 months of launching our exclusive Salon Collection the luxurious Curtis Collection Makeup Bar can now be found in over 20 retailers around the country. Our prestige products not only deliver the quality that you would expect from a luxury brand, but also the stylish packaging that any woman would be proud to add to her own makeup collection!

In recent years you experienced problem skin - could you share your story with Spoilt readers? Admittedly, in my teenage years I was not so focused on what was in my makeup, but more so in the way it made me look! This unfortunately lead to years of problematic skin and an ongoing battle to find the perfect foundation that provided superior coverage without clogging my pores. I very quickly discovered, that this balance was almost impossible to find and thus made this the main focus of my research and development when formulating the Curtis Collection mineral foundations. Our formulas provide the ultimate protection for your skin as well as superior coverage, staying power and a flawless airbrushed glow! Although I had already turned to mineral foundation in the past, the fact that these other formulas contained an ingredient by the name of Bismuth Oxychloride (a mineral derived from lead and copper), I discovered that this was actually aggravating and inflaming my acne and explained why I was not seeing any results. I am proud to report that our cutting edge mineral formulas do not contain this ingredient and within months of using the Curtis Collection Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation, the texture of my skin immediately improved. Not only was my complexion smooth, hydrated and nourished, it was also concealed, radiant and glowing. Today, women invest in a variety of treatments and solutions for their skin. Curtis Collection promotes a full circle approach providing all of the nutrients and protection that your skin needs after these treatments allowing skin to heal and improve without reversing the affects that your professional is working hard to achieve. 

Although wanting to pursue a career in makeup, your parents wanted you to attend university. What is your advice to others in a similar situation? I would definitely encourage them to do both! University opened many doors for me personally, allowing me to study in the United States of America which ultimately gave me the motivation and idea to start my own business! I cannot stress enough how invaluable my degree has proven to be in my working life. The marketing side of my degree has taught me the value of public relations, advertising, and networking, with the aim of making Curtis Collection the name on everyone’s lips and building an iconic brand! We are thrilled to have PR powerhouse Sweaty Betty PR working across our brand, as well as our recent partnering with Australian fashion designer Rachel Gilbert as their official makeup sponsor for this year's Fashion Week in Sydney! On the other hand, my accounting degree has instilled the disciplines of managing the back-end of my business. It has given me the skills and confidence to oversee the operating side of my company ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products and services at all times. I would say that my parents knew exactly what they were doing when they offered me their sound advice and I have been extremely fortunately to be able to combine my business knowledge with my passion for makeup and beauty and ultimately turn this into my career!

In a few words, how would you describe the Curtis Collection consumer? The beauty of Curtis Collection is that it is designed for all women at any age and to suit any lifestyle. I wanted the brand to offer affordable luxury. The Curtis Collection woman is above all confident, stylish, intelligent, ambitious, beautiful, chic and savvy.

What makes Curtis Collection different from other makeup brands? Curtis Collection is 'more than makeup'! It is a premium brand offering luxury cosmetics for the everyday woman. The comprehensive range of stunning shades and high end products, have been designed to offer simple, attainable beauty solutions and allow women to effortlessly achieve the Curtis Collection signature glow. By choosing the right mineral foundation, women can change the way their complexion appears overnight! Curtis Collection mineral foundations actually protect, nourish and hydrate the skin - acting as an extension of your skin care routine. This is why our dedicated Mineral Collection is literally more than makeup! The high quality ingredients are designed to pamper and perfect offering natural protection from environmental age aggressors and keeping the appearance of your complexion looking youthful, hydrated and glamorous. The outstanding selection of products, prestigious image and dedication to developing confidence building products is what sets Curtis Collection apart from the rest.

If you could choose anyone to be the face of the brand, who would it be and why? An international star would be Blake Lively. She is always naturally glowing and has incredible sense of style! She represents glamour and beauty but she appears to be very grounded and down to earth which I adore! On the other hand I would love to see an Australian model like Cheyenne Tozzi become the face of Curtis Collection. She is beyond stunning and I love the fact that she is an Aussie girl who is really making a name for herself on the international stage. She is also a strong, confident and determined woman and this is exactly the type of ambassador that I would love to see as the face of my brand.

Your top 3 Curtis Collection picks? I guess the best way I can answer that question is to think about the products that I can not live without! The Radiant Glow Illuminator and the Illuminating Bronzer are my absolute favourites, these two products always give my complexion the ultimate pick me up delivering the most amazing, airbrushed, sun kissed glow. I can’t go without my SuperWear Brow Definer - this is honestly one of my favourites in the collection. It fills in even the tiniest gaps in the brows and gives the most natural finish with a stain that will not fade.

What is your best beauty secret? I love my complexion to have a radiant, airbrushed glow. The secret to achieving this look is to mix the Curtis Collection Radiant Glow Illuminator into your Curtis Collection Mineral Foundation for a luminous finish that will have everyone asking what your secret is!

Victoria, what makes you feel Spoilt? My husband definitely makes me feel spoilt every single day because he always thinks of a way to brighten my day!

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