5 Minutes With ... Brigid Moloney, Mambo & Mambo Goddess

Mambo Australia has been embraced for decades thanks to its homage to the relaxed Australian way we all know and love. Once known as the 'go-to' brand thanks to its cheeky dog designs (humping people's legs and farting music notes - yes, I almost got detention for that school bag), the brand is now a little more sophisticated whilst still oozing relaxed styles and paying homage to where it all hailed: the street and surf. Having had some incredible female ambassadors over the years including Jess Hart and Jess Gomes, Mambo Goddess are excited to be working with Jess' gorgeous sister Ashley Hart and international superstar Barbara Palvin! But without Mambo's design and illustration team, Mambo wouldn't be the brand it was today so we chat to the talented Brigid Moloney, Artist for Mambo. This down-to-earth and fun loving lady oozes creativity and has a design and photographic portfolio that would put many designers to shame...

Hi Brigid! Mambo has been an iconic Aussie street and surf brand since the 1990’s. What makes Mambo a much-loved brand? The nostalgia. Everyone has a connection to the brand from when they were growing up in the 80's and 90's, rocking around in the baggy printed pants and retro Mambo tee's. And today we keep the brand light hearted and fun which pays homage to the relaxed Aussie reputation we all have. I also think that Mambo is always looking at new ways to keep the brand relevant and interesting – whether it is our controversial art designs or brand activations such as the pop up cafes or Mambo Goddess campaigns. People have come to expect that we will push the boundaries and they get excited about it!

You have been designing and illustrating since your high school days. How did you become so creative? Originally I loved drawing and painting as a form of escapism, and then I think the process of creating something (more so than the outcome) become the driving force. Once I start experimenting with colour and pattern I get in the zone and it's just a happy place to be and ideas flow. Working in an environment like Mambo every day is only going to increase this. Half of our team are really talented artists who produce art outside of the office as well as designing product.   

Sounds like a creative force to be reckoned with! Which do you love most: designing or photography? Oh I love both for different reasons! For me photography is about the excitement of capturing that unique moment, and it encourages me to be on my toes ready to get that one shot that tells a cool story. Whereas designing is more of a process that is thought out and planned. It is amazing to see a print, graphic, bikini, or whole collection come to life by finessing the details that make the product or artwork the best it can be. They offer such different creative experiences, which is great for me, because I love diversity.

Designing for Mambo has given you the opportunity to see your designs on Jessica Gomes, Ash and Jess Hart, Erin McNaught and Barbara Palvin. Is it a surreal feeling? Yeah it's fantastic. To be on the photo shoots and see the swimwear come to life on these Mambo Goddesses, many internationally recognised models, is a great feeling. It helps that all the Goddesses totally own the designs as soon as they put the pieces on, it's very satisfying. Jess Hart and all the girls are often snapped wearing my designs down the streets of New York, LA or wherever in the world they are. I get a kick out of that!

So you should! We hear you like to surf, snowboard and ski. Why is an active lifestyle important to you? Nothing beats being able to get amongst the elements! Whether it be a morning surf or bombing a huge mountain in the Alps. It's bliss to be in natures hands and exposed to such different experiences. And I prioritise my health knowing that without it, life is grim. 

In 3 words, how do you describe the female Mambo consumer? Active, stylish and cheeky. Our Mambo Goddesses Jess Hart, Jess Gomes, Ashley Hart, Barbara Palvin, etc have all got this style!

Where do you gain inspiration for each collection? Various places, mainly travelling. Exploring new cultures often brings a new dimension to the prints and the art, by looking at traditional textiles and hand crafts. Also honing in on the details of any new place I go, almost anything can become a part of a print or pattern. In conjunction with travelling, searching online for the most innovative blogs and Tumblr helps too. I love that people with different approaches to fashion and product on the other side of the world can so easily showcase a new aesthetic that could some how be relevant to Mambo.

Which Mambo Goddess design is your current favourite? My favourite is the Sundial Balconette Bikini that Barbara wears in the upcoming campaign (as seen in the bike image). I love this flattering balconette style as it will suit almost any figure, and the freshness of the colours and detail in the print look different to other prints that are out there right now. I like wearing clothes and swimwear that is different to anyone else.

So do we! What has been your most memorable Mambo experience to date? My first international photo shoot with the brand that we did in Palm Springs with Jess Hart and Jess Gomes last year. It was the first season where I finished the range and then had the opportunity to be on set with the girls and watch the collection come to life. After all the hard work that went into completing the range, seeing it in it's final creative stage made it all worth it.

Brigid, what makes you feel Spoilt? Massages... and fine dining!