Review: Philip Martin's Maple Wash Shampoo

Philip Martins Maple Wash Shampoo ★★★★
Price: $22.10 / $33.10
Size: 100ml / 250ml
About: Hydrating plant-based shampoo suitable for dry, unmanageable or chemically treated hair. Claims to restore elasticity, whilst increasing shine and body for cleaner, softer tresses.
Review: I used Philip Martins Maple Wash Shampoo in conjunction with the conditioner in the same range and the duo left my locks ultra soft, shiny and full of extra volume and bounce. It’s great for even the most sensitive of skin. While my strands were left lightly scented, the gentle formulation didn’t irritate my scalp or cause it to become dry or flaky. One restricting factor for me is that the shampoo is in my opinion expensive, however, if the scent were more appealing and not so overly sweet, I would definitely invest, as I was impressed with the way it transformed my mane without causing any aggravation to my scalp. I’d recommend the Philip Martins Maple Wash Shampoo to anyone who is interested in high-end hair care product enriched with natural ingredients and a scalp-friendly formulation that will deliver super clean hair that is lightweight, incredibly soft and smooth, with a natural, radiant looking sheen.
Tip: Leave this shampoo in your hair for 1 – 2 minutes after massaging before rinsing out. Natural shampoos are packed with botanical ingredients that take longer for your hair to absorb, hence, your locks will really benefit from the rich nutrients during this absorption process.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger.
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