Review: Philip Martins Maple Rinse Conditioner

Philip Martins Maple Rinse Conditioner ★★★★
Price: $23.40 / $38.70
Size: 100ml / 250ml
About: Hydrating conditioner suitable for dry hair and scalp. Claims to restore elasticity, nourish dry, damaged ends and untangle for smooth, shiny, more manageable locks. Packaged in a plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Review: After conditioning my hair with Maple Rinse Conditioner, my mop was left looking and feeling silky soft, smooth and full bodied, with a healthy, lustrous shine. I teamed this pH balancing conditioner with the shampoo in the same range and experienced no irritation; therefore I can confirm this duo is gentle enough to use for all skin types. I consider the price to be a little on the expensive side, yet similar to that of a high-end, professional brand. Having said that, the results are well worth the cost outlay. I would recommend Maple Rinse Conditioner to those who are interested in quality, plant-based hair care products that are safe and effective, with the ability to transform your tresses and provide essential nutrients to maintain health and vibrancy. If you like heavily fragranced products which smell natural and appealing, then give this conditioner a try. Not only does it smell great, you will be sure to achieve beautifully shiny, hair that looks and feels soft, voluminous and bouncy. The conditioner's thick, white consistency is rich and looks like a velvety mousse-like dessert, whilst featuring the same distinct, strong, sweet fragrance as the shampoo. I personally find the smell to be the only downside, because for me it is a little too overbearing, however it fades into a subtle, non-offensive aroma that perfumes my hair. I only need a small amount of product to massage into my scalp and through the strands, which instantly detangles and easily rinses straight out, leaving no build-up or greasy residue to weigh down my mane. 
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger.