Review: La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar

La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar ★★★★½

Price: $69.95
Size: 30ml
About: brightening facial oil serum designed to hydrate and promote visibly even toned skin. Packaged in a beautiful lemon coloured glass bottle with a dropper applicator.
Review: After reading this product was ideal for uneven, dehydrated, tired or stressed skin with age-spots or fine lines, I realised it was describing how my skin has been lately! This wonderful nectar is made with antioxidant rich apricot kernel oil, rosehip oil and rosemary extract, which work to fight skin damaging free radicals. Proudly Australian made and owned, La Mav uses recycled packaging. And that’s not the only great benefit I read that impressed me, it’s not tested on animals, it’s Certified Organic and derives 100% of its ingredients naturally! With the added benefit of claiming to do all these wonderful things to your skin while you are sleeping I just had to try La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar. In all honesty, the fact that it is oil rather than a cream made me think twice. I’ve had previous experiences using oil based moisturisers which didn’t agree with my skin, but I can tell you, this product is nothing short of a true miracle worker. 

Application is a little different to what I am used to and I found that it is easiest to gently press two drops of this heavenly scented nectar into the skin over my face, neck, and d├ęcolletage. I actually found myself looking forward to using it daily after toning because I love the divine sweet natural and fruity scent - also because I know it is great for my skin (which just loves it). With La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar you can instantly feel your skin thanking you. My skin absorbs the lightweight formula easily, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling too oily before bed or under makeup. Every morning I wake and swear I notice results. I continued my use for four weeks before this review and I can proudly tell you that I have never seen a product do what it claims to do like La Mav Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar  Watching my skin improve out of sight and receiving compliments from colleagues and friends on my glowing soft skin was very flattering. But do you know what the best thing is? I CAN SEE THE RESULTS TOO! My skin is visibly brighter, it feels plump and soft, and I can see the firming results slowly starting to show around the fine lines that sit around my eyes. A little goes a long, long way and you only need two drops to cover your entire face & neck. Maybe it’s those high levels of Vitamin C or the fact that it’s naturally organic, it didn’t matter, it was working and has become a perfect addition to my daily skin care routine. So whether you are looking for an extra hydrating boost or just want a soothing solution to repair your skin while you sleep, this beautiful blend of organic ingredients take care of your skin whilst doing what it claims.
Tip: the nifty formula inside this bottle can also be used over stretch marks to reduce their appearance overtime. Genius!
Reviewed by: Sarah Gilchrist.
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