Review: Dermaviduals Lip Repair

Dermaviduals Lip Repair ★★
Price: $38.00
Size: 5g
About: lip repair balm for dry and chapped lips. Packaged in a wind-up lipstick godet.
Review: Dermaviduals Lip Repair is good for dry or chapped lips - but not great. It contains no mineral oils, silicones or preservatives, which is always a selling point for me, and contains natural waxes (shea butter, carnauba wax & bees wax). Lip Repair looks like an appealing lip balm, encased in a cute silver lipstick godet and I’m in love with the balmy scent. Unfortunately the size is not so convenient for keeping in my pocket as it is a little bulky, so into the handbag it went. Lip Repair applies over the lips with ease and glides on smoothlyThe waxy texture takes some getting used to and I'll admit, I have to rub my lips together to help the product spread over the lips and blend. Generally I tend to go for a lightweight balm as I prefer the sensation and this product is a little thicker than I would usually desire. I feel the need to re-apply often because the formula tends to wear off my lips quicklyHowever, it does look really glossy and gorgeous when I check it out in the mirror and even photographs well as it offers a glossy finish, and after a few weeks of use I noticed lips really were noticeably softer. It did wonderful things to help my chapped lips particularly around the edges of the mouth where I experience dryness but because the formula is thick, it does not feel as pleasant to wear as other balms I have used. It almost feels like a skin barrier - like zinc. It’s maybe not the best balm to have on when eating or drinking (because it is sticky and things grab on to it), but it is effective for those with wind burnt or dry lips without the nasty preservatives.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Sarah Gilchrist.