Muffin Break Now Serving GF Muffins (& No Extra Charge for Soy)

I have always been a fan of Muffin Break. The addiction started with my introduction to their tasty sweet treats when I was about 7 years old - oh how I love a chocolate chip muffin with gooey choc pieces inside, or banana caramel with its caramel soft top. I still remember the afternoons when my mother took us grocery shopping and kept us quiet with a muffin.

But since then I have been diagnosed with both a gluten and dairy intolerance and so whilst I was enjoying soy cappuccinos from Muffin Break, I was missing their muffins. Big time. Just recently I was given very exciting news which I know others with intolerances will also be glad to discover:

1) Muffin Break no longer charges extra for soy milk. That's right folks, while most cafes are charging an extra 50c to $1 for a soy beverage, Muffin Break have made a firm decision not to charge you any extra than someone ordering dairy. Why? First of all Muffin Break understands that soy milk is a healthy milk alternative and second they have recognised the fact that many people have an intolerance to dairy. So why should we be charged more to enjoy our favourite drop?

2) Muffin Break have a gluten free muffin range. I could not believe my eyes or ears when I discovered that Muffin Break have been making gluten free muffins and I didn't even know! And check out the range ... there are so many to choose from!!! Sure, there may only be 2-3 GF flavours to choose from on any given day but at least we are starting to see variety and can confidently enjoy what we have been missing out on.

Recently the hubby and I decided to visit Muffin Break for a soy cap and a gluten free muffin. On the day we went there were only two GF muffin options available: chocolate chip and raspberry - two choices I probably would not have chosen if I had more choice but the Muffin Break team had kindly invited us to try the GF muffin range. We enjoyed the coffee as usual, and the muffins tasted better than they looked - especially after one of the team members heated them up - but I especially loved the happy smile at the end of the cup. What a way to wash it all down!

Find your nearest Muffin Break store here.