Review: Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer ★★★½
Price: $48.00
Size: 30ml
About: oil-free mattifying and anti-ageing pre-foundation primer that minimises the appearance of imperfections and provides targeted oil control to prepare the skin for makeup application. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with twist lid.

Review: I love the convenience of do-it-all solution products like Matte Perfecting Primer, but it’s lacking one important benefit I rely on, especially for daytime use, and that is SPF. Despite not defending against the sun, it’s a handy all-in-one, quick-fix that nourishes and softens my skin, prompts hydration and targets the visible signs of premature ageing. At the same time, it disguises unsightly imperfections, prevents flaking, creasing, feathering and fading whilst increasing the longevity of my makeup and essentially providing oil control qualities. As a product hailing from a luxurious, high-end brand, naturally you’d assume it’s not going to come cheap. Be that as it may, the price tag is surprisingly comparable with other professional primers of similar standard and size; therefore if cost is no obstacle and you’re happy trusting a reputable brand, then it’s worth considering. Matte Perfecting Primer indeed refines my complexion and forms a protective base, to ensure my makeup remains beautiful and lasts the distance, yet, because my skin is exceptionally oily, the matte factor doesn’t quite ring true for me. While the results are initially flawless and the melt-proof ability stops makeup sliding or rubbing off, unfortunately, I’m still dependant on blotting sessions or powder touch-ups to combat any unwanted shine, which develops irregularly. For that reason, to achieve matte perfection, it’s my opinion the Estée Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer would best suit normal or combination skin types. It does deliver for us oily-skinned folks for a short period of time but we need to be diligent in mopping up the surface slick, so our face looks fresh and dewy, rather than greasy.

Matte Perfecting Primer is fragrance-free, so it’s less likely to cause irritation, making it safe for those with sensitivity issues. The white, gel-like cream has a moisturiser consistency and is thick and silky in texture. The oil-free, antioxidant enriched formula spreads easily, over my skin and dries fast to disguise problem areas and improve the overall appearance of my complexion. It’s lightweight and non-greasy, instantly concealing pores and minor flaws, whilst plumping fine lines to develop a soft, buffed canvas that works alone or under foundation. What makes this primer different is the inclusion of mattifying properties to help correct my biggest skin concern; oiliness! Using this primer my skin doesn’t become excessively greasy within hours of application; instead it seems to soak up surplus oil from within, preventing surface residue for the most part, meaning only moderate maintenance is required to keep my makeup looking perfect for the long haul. Presented in a sleek, opalescent tube that is attractively embossed with a golden Estée Lauder logo and gold chrome lid, the product portrays supremacy and class, ultimately reflective of the prestigious Estee Lauder brand.
Tip: A pea-sized amount is generally more than enough to prep my whole face, too much just causes greasiness.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger.
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