Review: The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel

The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel ★★★★★
Price: $20.95
Size: 10ml
About: clear brow and lash gel designed to groom unruly brows and condition lashes. Packaged in a clear tube with mascara brush applicator.
Review: As a makeup artist I am really particular about my brows. While many women will not leave the house without mascara on their lashes, I am the same with brow gel. If I leave with no makeup I must at least have perfectly groomed brows, for me it's a no brainer. Although I usually purchase the same brow gel every time, it can only be purchased online so when I ran out a few months ago I raced into my local shopping centre to find one. Believe it or not it is extremely hard to locate a brow gel in department stores and could only find one - a gel I have used before and did not like. After almost giving up hope, I wandered out of MYER and saw The Body Shop and knowing that the company has an extensive makeup range, I thought I may have a chance. The assistant saw me frantically in need of something, and within moments she had introduced me to The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel. Unsure of its texture, she applied it to my brows and I could tell the formula was not sticky and it dried quickly. Needless to say, I purchased it! Three months on Brow & Lash Gel has just run dry - it really lasts and lasts. As mentioned, the formula is soft, non-sticky, and moves with the hair/skin, ensuring comfortable wear all day. Only a little is required per application - too much and you will end up wiping it off the skin. For women who choose not to fill in or groom their brows, I would encourage you to at least use brow gel to brush and hold brows in to place. The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel is clear, making it ideal for all brow colours. The brush applicator is a standard mascara wand, making it ideal to also groom and condition lashes. It is truly a winner and I will be purchasing more stat!
Tip: Be sure to groom brows with brow gel after applying makeup to ensure they are not ruffled up again. A little goes a long way. Brush against the direction of the brow growth and then brush down again to smooth brows down. Use a tissue to clean the mascara wand before placing it back in, otherwise the clear gel will become dirty or foundation coloured.
Purchased: Yes.
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