5 Minutes With ... Victoria Cheatham, Lotus Mendes

For more than a decade, Victoria Cheatham has been passionately designing jewellery for personal expression. The Sydney-based jewellery designer came from humble beginnings, introducing Lotus Mendes to the public via street stalls and local markets. But in 2011 Victoria debuted Lotus Mendes' first collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week where buyers and media fell in love with the brand and the rest is history. Lotus Mendes designs can be seen featured in editorial spreads for women's magazines, fashion label campaigns and successful blogs. I love Lotus Mendes' unique designs so much, and was thrilled when Victoria took time out to chat about the brand. She is not only clever and creative, she is also gorgeous inside and out...

Hi Victoria! What made you venture in to designing jewellery? I have been creating and designing precious jewels for over 12 years for myself and for friends. It all started as I never wanted to be seen in the same piece as anyone else. I craved uniqueness and individualism so I would sit in my studio for hours creating and designing. I would sell one-off pieces that I had made, which at the time was difficult given that every piece of jewellery had a magical element to it. The response to my pieces has always been amazing - creating jewellery was a force or a calling if you like for me. It is about making women feel and look amazing and that appreciating the magical element of jewellery would unleash a power within themselves. My passion is for others to feel what I felt when wearing Lotus Mendes - for all women to feel individual, unique and unstoppable.

In a few words, how would you describe the Lotus Mendes consumer? Precious, Powerful, Evolving.

When you design a new collection, where do you turn for inspiration? I am inspired by everything. I can be walking, sleeping, eating and suddenly something can catch my eye. My designs are created through the emotion and feeling. Colours are usually chosen after I have designed the piece. Usually choosing the colours for a design can be the most difficult for me as I would like to have every design in as many colours as possible. The colour of a piece is usually again dictated by my mood, feeling and emotion.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? I actually have two moments that come to mind. The first is when I was accepted to show my first collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in 2011 and the second would be every time I see someone wearing my jewels.

Let’s talk jewellery. Is it possible to over-accessorise? NEVER!!! I believe if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, who is to tell you any different?

What is your best accessorising tip? I love the layering approach; rows of chains around your neck or wrist are an amazing way to add more character and enhance an outfit, simply stacking rings of different height and or length onto your fingers is also a great technique - the more the better!

Which current Lotus Mendes design is your favourite? That's like asking if I have a favourite child! All my pieces hold a special significance and meaning to me but I do believe the Goddess Ring is my favourite, it is where it all started!

Why do you think consumers are embracing designer fashion jewellery over classic pieces from jewellers? I think these days fashion jewellery offers a completely different function to classic fine pieces. Fashion jewellery is now about making a statement, being able to create a story and a create a complete style. It is also much more affordable and accessible.

Which do you love more...
Colour, prints or metals? All of the above - my new AW13 collection see’s pieces with patterned imprints into metal bracelets and necklaces.
Chunky or thin jewellery? Chunky
Clashing or complementing designs? Both
Long chains or chokers? Long chains
Bracelets or cuffs? Cuffs

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing Lotus MendesIf I was choose an international celebrity to wear Lotus Mendes it would have to be Beyoncé due to her effortless style and the way she can wear layered accessories. The Lotus Mendes style is to wear many pieces at one time which is what Beyoncé can pull off any time of the day.

What makes you feel SpoiltWhen I am with my family and friends spending quality time with them.

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