5 Minutes With ... Rohan Widdison, NVEY ECO

As women we love to look our best - who doesn't? Whilst we demand high performance products, more and more consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ingredients used in the products placed on our skin. Established in 2006 by Rohan Widdison, NVEY ECO was born when the Director of Helene Abicair College of Advanced Beauty Therapy saw a missing link in the market for mineral makeup. Interestingly, whilst Australia's first and only completely certified organic makeup range launched in '06, consumers were only cottoning on to the benefits of mineral makeup and therefore the brand first rolled out overseas. Now NVEY ECO is back home, with an effective certified organic skincare line to complete the range and Australians are embacing their homegrown brand. Excited by its quality products and affordable prices, we chat with Rohan about the brand ...

Could you tell us about your professional background before NVEY ECO? Before NVEY ECO, I was supporting my mother in developing her namesake Melbourne-based beauty college, Helene Abicair College of Advanced Beauty Therapy. Here, I spent most of my career developing skills in non-practical beauty application and techniques, and also how to educate the future legacy of beauty therapists that will one day set new standards in the industry with their education. Now I am currently the director of Helene Abicair while researching and developing new formulas and products for NVEY ECO.

How did NVEY ECO eventuate? NVEY ECO came from a desire to develop and bring to the world a true, certified organic makeup brand that could bring to life the makeup artistry values and styles that I had longed for during my decades in the beauty industry, combined with organic formulas that would nurture and care for my client’s and student’s skin.

You sound extremely busy!  NVEY ECO launched in 2006 but its success has mainly hailed from international markets. Why is this so? Internationally, Australia has not experienced the tremendous demand and growth for natural and organic makeup and skin care like Asia, Europe or the U.S. For NVEY ECO, a majority of growth has occured overseas where we’ve been awarded and recognised by makeup artists, beauty editors and celebrities for our high performance colour and quality ingredients. Focusing our efforts back to Australia had always been on the agenda once the market recognised the need and demand for higher quality, more nurturing cosmetics.

Now that NVEY ECO is making waves in its home country, what other plans do you have for the brand? Our plans for the future involve expanding our retail distribution so we can engage with consumers one-on-one to educate them about our professional quality cosmetics, but also the benefits of transitioning away from harmful ingredients like Talc, Parabens, GMOs, SLS and other chemicals that don’t naturally occur or process in our bodies. We see tremendous growth happening with our makeup and skin care ranges and the ability to reach more consumers through a wider retail market is definitely on the cards.

In 2012 NVEY ECO launched its extensive certified organic skincare line. How has it been perceived? The extensive NVEY ECO skin care range has been a long-standing dream of mine which took years of research and development. Our approach has been unique as the range focuses not only on the ingredient’s benefits, but also how effectively these ingredients can be delivered to the cells of skin. The Ecological Optimum Bioavailability method developed with the NVEY ECO Skin Care is unique in that it ensures effective delivery of ingredients, the purest, most organic and natural active ingredients, and a soothing, comforting experience for the skin that carries on throughout the day.

Although NVEY ECO products are made from completely natural ingredients, their quality is second to none. How important was it to offer quality, pigmented products? Very. The focus for NVEY ECO has always been on providing high performance colour cosmetics and long lasting coverage likened to that of professional quality makeup – but with an ethos of being true to nature with 100% certified natural and organic ingredients. Just because a makeup range is certified organic, doesn’t mean the colour should fade, dull, or perform less than any other lipstick, foundation or mascara. Our extensive research and development searches high and low for the highest quality ingredients that create truly aspirational colour quality, application and wearability.

Adopting a belief in natural makeup and skincare, do you practice a ‘green’ lifestyle? With all the travel I do, I would be hard pressed to say my lifestyle is entirely green. But I do often walk and take public transport in Melbourne instead of driving about. As for other organic and natural lifestyle choices, I have become quite interested in homewares and fabrics that are made from organic or natural materials. There are many up-and-coming brands in Melbourne that make linens and pillows from eco-friendly textiles that I like.

In a few words, how would you describe the NVEY ECO consumer? They dare to play with colour, care for their skin, but can’t resist a bold lip or bright shadow. They care for the environment, but won’t compromise on quality.

We love NVEY ECO’s professional, hard working products. What are your top 3 picks?
1. From day one, the miraculous Erase Concealer has erased blemishes, redness and dark circles without feeling cakey, oily or heavy on the skin. It’s light enough to conceal, but also duos as an illuminiser under your foundation and a prep for the lips to bolden the colour.
2. For a skin pick-me-up Intensif Tonifying Mist instantly revives my skin (especially with all the travelling and jet lag).
3. Any item from the Forte Skin Care range. I’m lucky enough to have very balanced and even skin, so I compliment my skin care regime with this rang for normal skin types. I particularly recommend Cellular Renewing Eye Care, which I use before bed to reduce tired lines around my eyes after working all day in the lab.

What beauty trends do you predict this Autumn/Winter? The Autumn/Winter focus is on creating a luxe, milky smooth complexion with a very light, cr̬me foundation, which creates a light sheen and flawless finish to the look. As for colour, the bold, wine coloured pout is already represented on the runway, but I see that trend fading into Winter with more focus on creating interesting finishes and stand out colour on the eyes. There has been some very stand out shadows happening abroad that I think can really translate in Australia Рlike a light smoky shadow, but around the bottom and outer lash lines as opposed to the traditional lid.

Who would you most love to see using the NVEY ECO range? We already have some wonderful international celebrities fawning over NVEY ECO, but if I have to choose one it would be Rose Byrne. Not only is she Australian, and evolved as an actor, she has also evolved in her beauty and fashion statements that she makes on the red carpet.

Finally Rohan, what makes you feel Spoilt? Besides seeing people truly embrace natural beauty with NVEY ECO, a nice glass of vintage champagne always makes me feel Spoilt.

Click here to view the entire makeup and skincare range on NVEY ECO's website.