Review: Aromatherapy Associates Balance Conditioner

Aromatherapy Associates Balance Conditioner ★★★½
Price: $28.80
Size: 300ml
About: conditioner enriched with pure essential oils which claims to be suited to all hair types. It maximises smooth, soft glossy hair.
Review: Aromatherapy Associates Balance Conditioner has wonderful detangling and smoothing properties and did moderately care for my overall hair health. It’s quite expensive, in line with top-shelf, salon brands and based on my personal experience, I highly doubt I would consider spending that much on what I consider to be more of a mediocre product. The Aromatherapy Associates Balance Conditioner may appeal to anyone who appreciates the therapeutical benefits of essential oils, particularly those who don’t mind the aromatic qualities and can afford the cost. It’s really a better option for those who wish to team it with the partnering shampoo, otherwise if used on its own, it could make for a nice moisturising treatment that delivers soft, sleek, more manageable tresses.

The white, creamy conditioner has a smooth, rich consistency and boasts a distinct herbal fragrance, based on the key ingredients of ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli. The smell may not appeal to everyone, but I find the aroma uplifting and it stimulates the senses and leaves me feeling revitalised. I use a small amount of conditioner, around the size of a 20 cent coin to massage into my scalp and distribute it throughout my lengths. It washes out with warm water and instantly detangles my long straight locks, which were all tangled after the washing process. When dry, my mane is left soft and shiny, with no greasy build-up weighing it down, instead it’s more balanced and effectively nourished. It works well at taming my frizzy flyaways, resulting in smooth, sleek strands with a more definite shine.

After using the conditioner, in conjunction with the shampoo in the same range, unfortunately my scalp became itchy and irritable as a result of the detergents in the shampoo, so I was unable to continue using the combination to determine if over time the products do in fact improve the strength and condition of my hair. I’ve been using the conditioner alone as an occasional treatment and I have not experienced any discomfort to my scalp, so I can vouch that it is in fact suitable for those with sensitive skin too.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger.