bChill: the drink for those who can't relax

Relaxing shouldn't be hard work ... and now there's a drink on the go to help keep you calm. Introducing bChill, a new all-natural carbonated relaxation beverage which tastes like an Island Cocktail to quench your thirst and soothe your senses. It all started when renown Gold Coast naturopath, Bernie Fitzpatrick created a herbal 'chill out' formula for her son Nick who like many others, struggled to relax and unwind on a daily basis. Natural herbs were not the most pleasant taste and so Nick started to mix the formula with his favourite tropical juice. From there the story grew and they set about on a journey to combine natural ingredients with a fresh, modern carbonated drink that would taste good and appeal to a larger audience.

Alarmed by a recent lifeline stress poll which showed that 48% of us experience high stress levels, an increase of 43% on the year before, Nick and Bernie hope to promote a relaxing lifestyle as well as educate people on better ways to combat stress, anxiety and depression other than with over the counter drugs or alcohol by making them aware of natural solutions. “We live in crazy times, with technology driving an ever faster pace of life. There’s a need for healthy products that are more balancing and allow consumers to take a step back,” said Bernie.

bChill contains a combination of 7 premium ingredients: chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, tryptophan, magnesium and vitamins B6 and B12. It is topped off with a tropical-lime cocktail-inspired flavour and a light carbonated finish. bChill is caffeine free, all natural, low in sugar and only contains 50 calories per 300ml serving. Overall bChill looks like the energy drinks we all know and love to drink, except it can be enjoyed without increasing your heart rate and potentially giving that feeling of anxiety, instead helping the body to unwind. Although it is low in sugar, the drink does taste sweet, and at times you may find chamomile leaves in the bottom of the can. 

bChill is currently available in selected stores across Queensland, NSW, Adelaide and online, and will roll out nationally shortly. Prices start from $2.91 a can, or $35 for a 12 pack.