5 Minutes With ... Nicola Finetti, Designer

It is rare to see Australia's talented stick to their roots, with many heading off-shore as soon as they find success and everything that it brings, but Italian-born designer Nicola Finetti is quite the opposite. Emigrating to Australia in 1984, Nicola has stayed true to his loyal following living and designing for Australian women with his eponymous label, Nicola Finetti. This much-sought women's designer was bound to become a fashion name with a background in architecture, he has lived in various countries and parents of European descent. Launching his self-titled label in the mid 1990's, Mr Finetti has never looked back. Nicola Finetti will showcase their SS13 collection at this year's Fashion Palette (5-7 March, 2013) and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us. We found five minutes to chat with the man behind this feminine label and discovered he is passionate about what he does...

Nicola, you are a man of style! How did you become a designer? I started off studying  architecture whilst I was living in Rome. Once I moved to Australia I started making ground work to open a shop. It took a few trips here and there before I could do this and along the way made some strong connections. The shop did brilliantly and I started to think that I could have my own clothes on sale… maybe I could make collections. From then I have been a designer and loving every moment of it.

Do you feel that fashion design and architecture have similar aspects? I believe that any path of design have aspects of similarities. Fashion design and architecture both involve planning, designing and constructing; the difference being that I am not designing buildings but rather clothing. I use similar techniques that are used in architecture such as using shapes and shadows to compliment the garment, or using contrasting inspirations such as light-dark, constraint-freedom. In any design path the final product is hopefully going to be aesthetically appealing, function correctly and be thought of as a success.

In a few words, how do you describe the Nicola Finetti woman? The Nicola Finetti woman is one who enjoys expressing their individuality and femininity as well as strength. My pieces are able to do this through modern silhouettes and various uses of fabrics.

Nicola Finetti designs ooze femininity. What does femininity mean to you? Femininity to me is key when designing my collections. I want women to embrace this side of themselves. Femininity is simple – it is a combination of free flowing gentleness, grace, confidence, and embracing the woman form. These are what make the brazen beauty of a woman erupt.

Your designs have been seen on international runways and celebrities. Who is your favourite celebrity? Yes they have. I still get excited when I see my designs on the runway or the red carpet. It really rings home the idea that what I am a doing is working. My designs have been on celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins - she’s great, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett and Erin McNaught just to name a few. In my mind, there are no favourites… I just take pleasure in seeing my clothes do the job they were intended to do and that is making these women take people's breath away.

You are showcasing Nicola Finetti at Fashion Palette. Could you tell us about the event? I'm really excited to showcase ten pieces from my SS13/14 collection on the runway for the first time at Fashion Palette. The runway element of Fashion Palette allows me to present a preview of my next collection to media, buyers and consumers together. I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction to my designs.

What does the day in the life of Mr. Finetti involve? I get up early and enjoy the morning outside. Then I get a cafĂ© latte to perk me up. I start thinking about different hues and shapes for the collections. At work with the designers and pattern makers I work on producing and receiving new prints which we develop in house. The creative process will take me all day with new changes to the collection and new ideas for the collection.

We adore your A/W 2013 collection which showcases floral and metallic designs and a selection of block colours. How did you choose the palette? We experimented with digital prints which we develop in house. We tested out different colour changes and combinations and take into account what was done in previous seasons. The palette of colours are chosen in a large meeting with all the members involved in the process, that way everyone is up to date and has an understand of what we are looking for in the final product. We can also then, all put a piece of our own input into the process.

If you had to choose one staple piece from your A/W 2013 collection which design would it be? I would have to go with a digital printed bomber jacket. It’s versatile and stands out.

Born in Italy with European heritage, where do you gain your design inspiration from? My design inspiration comes from wanting to create continuous dualism of confrontation between opposites and turning it into something functioning, striking and fresh.

What is your current favourite trend? Print, hands down!

If you could meet anyone in this world, who would it be and why? Gandhi of course and the reason would be to understand the philosophy of non-violent protest.

Nicola, what makes you feel SpoiltA great pair of boots… Hey, I like to walk.

Click here to visit their website and to view the entire A/W2013 collection.