Review: Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging Mist

Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging Mist ★★★★
Price: $96.50
Size: 200ml
About: luxurious hydrating anti-age moisturiser for body. Packaged in a spray pump plastic bottle.
Review: For years I have always wanted to try Pevonia's wonderful line of skin care and body products but had never gotten around to it so I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity with this fabulous body hydrating spritz. Pevonia Tropicale De-Ageing Mist arrived just when I had finished up using my body lotion and was in need of another and while I was convinced that the previous body lotion was my all-time favourite, it then received its first competitor: Tropicale De-Ageing Mist, a luxurious lightweight lotion which is dispersed via a spray bottle, meaning that it spritzes evenly over the skin and a simple blending over the skin is all it takes to absorb with ease and works its magic. Its unique spray-bottle feature makes Tropicale De-Ageing Mist rather unique in design, but it works. Gone are the days where you slather on a rich cream made from artificial ingredients, that sits on the skin's surface taking its time to absorb. The bottle releases a fine, silky mist that feels divine on my skin and smells heavenly. Its mango / passionfruit scent is so delicious that I want to bath in it! This body mist is truly an experience - I close my eyes, take in the sensory experience and feel like I am being pampered in Hawaii each time I use it. Tropicale De-Aging Mist really surprised me with just how lightweight the formula is. I originally thought it would not sufficiently do its job but I was so wrong because although the texture is so lightweight, it is really hydrating and soothing ... and perfect on a hot summer day. Pevonia Botanica Tropicale De-Aging Mist is a lovely experience and my pins have never felt so smooth! Would I purchase this in the future? In terms of its competitors, this is a rather pricey addition to a woman's body care regime but it is time effective and easy to apply. I would pay up to $65 for this but don't think I can justify almost $100.
Purchased: No.
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