Review: Gillette Venus and Olay Razor

Gillette Venus and Olay Razor
Price: $14.99
About: women's razor consisting of five blades and a moisture strip. Designed to remove hairs whilst hydrating skin and acting as a shaving gel and razor in one.
Review: I would like to start this review with the fact that I am in search for the best in hair removal products because after all of these years of waxing, shaving, tweezing and IPL hair removal, my stubborn hair always seems to grow back with a vengeance. When it comes to shaving, I have always been a big fan of the Gillette Venus range and always prefer to buy Gillette over its competitors so I was excited to see that my favourite razor had collaborated with Olay, one of my favourite skincare brands. Designed to offer a smooth, ultra close shave, Venus and Olay Razor not only features your favourite five blade razor but also Olay moisture bars which sit just above and below the razor blades and, when wet, these moisture bars offset a smooth and lightweight moisturising cream/gel that glides along the skin and acts as a shaving gel meaning that you no longer need to buy shaving gel - yippee! I simply adore this product and really enjoy using it because it leaves my legs feeling super smooth and fuzz-free. The moisture bars are just amazing because they prevent the razor from pulling or dragging along the skin which other razors have the tendencies to do (which can in turn cause cuts and nicks). Having said that, after just three uses, the top Olay moisture bar came unstuck and I was unable to reattach it - and that is the most important of the two moisture bars in my opinion when shaving legs upwards, because it prepared the legs with a shaving film before the razor could make its way there. A little devastated, I have since kept the moisture bar in my soap holder and use it beforehand as a prep coat by wetting the bar and running it over my skin before application so that my skin is still soft. now that this moisture bar is off, however, the razor is starting to drag over the skin a little when no shaving cream or moisture bar is used beforehand. The handle is really easy to hold as it moulds into the contortions of your hands and being a re-fillable device makes it environmentally friendly. So while I would liked to have given Venus and Olay Razor a full five stars I will give it four stars until the day when the moisture bar can be guaranteed not to come unstuck from the razor head.
Purchased: No.
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