Review: dermalogica AGE Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30

dermalogica AGE Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 ★★★★½
Price: $65.00
Size: 22ml
About: silicone-based makeup primer suitable for all skin types. Designed to even skin tone and mattify skin. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: There are so many things to love about this primer - dermalogica AGE Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 is one of the most flawless makeup primers I have used. This fantastic product is lightweight and its smooth silicone texture blends over the skin's surface with ease, reducing the appearance of open pores and being a light skin tone, it helps to make skin look even and beautiful... and that is before applying makeup over this perfectly primed base! This clever primer base absorbs excess oil from the skin, making it ideal for all skins without discriminating against oily or acneic skin types. The dermatologically tested primer is enriched with white tea, sodium hyaluronate and peptides which work together to protect and plump skin. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide help to shield skin from UV damage thanks to its SPF30 sun protection. Pearl powder and soy proteins even out skin tone (as I have noticed and reaped the benefits from) and silica fill in fine out, open pores and absorbs excess oil. Is this a truly genius product? I guess you could call it a genius skin primer because there is almost nothing it cannot do and after six weeks of daily use, I still have formula left in the tube, my skin does not feel as oily as it would do in the warmer seasons and I can leave home knowing I have good SPF protection for my skin. How long does the primer work for? I would estimate around 10-12 hours. Obviously dermalogica AGE Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 will wear off on the areas you touch most (the chin is where mine wears off), but the rest of my makeup remains flawless for the whole day, only needing touch ups on really, really hot days. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube, I find that this tube has a rubbery plastic texture that loses shape quickly which means that the formula tends to disperse itself throughout and I spend extra time each morning squeezing the product toward the nozzle for application. If I could change anything about dermalogica AGE Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30, this would be it. Ah yes, dermalogica have nailed it once again and I will be purchasing and recommending this makeup primer to anyone and everyone.
Purchased: No.
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