Review: Beyonce Pulse NYC Eau De Parfume

Beyonce Pulse NYC Eau de Parfum ★★★★★
Price: $49.00 / $69.00
Size: 50ml / 100ml
Launched: 2013
Classification: Floral, Chypre.
About: an electric meeting of two style icons: Beyonce and New York City. Contains top notes of raspberry, pomegranate, Bartlett pear, followed by middle notes of peony and jasmine sambac, and finished with base notes patchouli, cashmere musk and red velvet cupcake. Packaged in a stunning unique clear glass bottle with a metallic blue lid/case that keeps the bottle upright.
Review: Yes, I am reading your mind right now... not another celebrity fragrance! I was thinking something similar when I heard that Beyonce was releasing her second perfume. That was until I was introduced to Beyonce Pulse NYC and I saw that this was no ordinary fragrance – this one was unique and now I am besotted! My adoration for Beyonce Pulse NYC started with the sleek metallic silver box with the fragrance name adorned across it in a beautiful turquoise blue. Once opened, a simply stunning sleek bottle slid out of the packaging, delicately tucked away in an eye-catching metallic blue case which also acts as the lid, holding the bottle up-side down. After a few ooh’s and aah’s, I spritzed this floral-chypre perfume along my pulse points and that’s when the magic happened. This stunning inviting floral scent enveloped me without overpowering me, and gave me a sense of power and femininity. At work when I received Beyonce Pulse NYC, my work colleagues all started to turn from their desks to ask me what I was wearing and others passing through the corridor stopped to comment on the fragrance as well! Of all of the employees I work with, only one thought the fragrance was a little too sweet, but having experienced many sickly sweet fragrances in my time, I would not even put Beyonce Pulse NYC anywhere near that category. Whilst everyone is bound to pinpoint different notes in the fragrance at different times, I can pinpoint the jasmine sambac, Bartlett pear and delicious raspberry as well. Overall, the ingredients blend to create a lovely rich berry experience. Once I have taken in the scent, my nostrils are left with the richer after-scent of musk and red velvet cupcake. It is truly delicious. Pulse NYC is available in two sizes and is at a very affordable price point. It is rare that I say this, but I would actually be prepared to pay more for this sophisticated and sensual fragrance because it really does create a mood and helps to influence mine as well. I am so glad that this fragrance was launched only in EDP because I think an EDT version of this fragrance would only spoil the notes and the overall atmosphere that this head-turning fragrance creates.
Tip: Spritz on your pulse points, behind your ear lobes, and also try spritzing it in the air and walking into it so that your hair smells fruity and divine all day long.
Purchased: No.
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