Review: Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer

Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer
Price: $39.95
Size: 15ml
About: clear liquid multi-purpose makeup extender designed to pro-long and brighten the wear of eye shadow and transform eye shadows in to eyeliner formulas. Packaged in a cute small grey bottle with flip lid and contains a compact brush for application.
Review: Does your eye makeup wear off quickly? Would you like to make your eye shadows appear more vibrant? Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer is a multi-purpose makeup product which does exactly both and nails it to perfection! this clear liquid can be blended with any eye shadow (pressed, loose or cream) and applied with a synthetic brush for a fantastic quick and fuss-free application which is virtually budge-proof and smudge-proof. When in dire need for a bright blue eye shadow for an 80's party, I immediately thought of putting Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer to the test - and my gamble well and truly paid off. Within a few minutes, I was sporting bright blue eye shadow that would have rivalled ABBA's Agnetha, and five hours later, while some of my makeup had started to wear off, my eyes remained perfect, almost as if I had just created the look from scratch. Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer is a super affordable product which not only works as an eye shadow extender, but also converts eye shadow powders into liquid eyeliners also so instead of owning a brown and black liner, your blue and green eye shadows can now too act as eye liners for a fun, fresh and fabulous look. It comes with a fantastic travel-size brush that is perfect for creating eyeliner looks and application, but for eye shadow application I would recommend using a larger synthetic brush. What happens if you wet that favourite eye shadow? Don't stress - the powder will dry out within minutes and should be back to normal afterward. Packaged in a lovely little 50% post-consumer recycled grey bottle with a flip lid, the tiny dispenser ensures that the liquid does not leak everywhere and this means that Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer is going to last a very long time and become a staple piece in your toiletries bag. This liquid is free of parabens, polymers, resins and oil, instead being packed full of harmless ingredients. Having the confidence knowing that Aveda Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer does not flake, fade or wear off, I am truly impressed and will certainly purchase the product in future when I eventually run out - but it could be a while because a little tends to go a really long way.
Purchased: No.
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