Review: Santorini Sun Island Goddess Body Shimmer Cream

Santorini Sun Body Shimmer Cream ★★★½
Size: 250ml 
Price: $18.95
About: body cream with a hint of shimmer to give skin a healthy glow and make limbs look leaner. Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip lid.
Review: New to Santorini Sun and their products, I decided to try Santorini Sun Body Shimmer Cream for the first time without a spray tan and in minutes my rather pasty legs had an instant sparkle effect... almost Twilight-esq, but very subtle. For the purpose of research (and an excuse to look a little healthier!) I went and had a spray-tan to see how Shimmer Cream looked over tanned skin. The result: Shimmer Cream came to life! While my tan did have a slight sheen to it, Shimmer Cream added that extra glow and it really accentuated the tan, making me feel confident and sexy. The 250ml size is quite generous so unless you’re a regular tanner, it might be worth sharing with a
flatmate. Being an organic skincare product, there is no real scent but the very faint scent is pleasant and natural. The cream is a thick consistency and tends to go a long way so you only need a small amount for any application. The flip lid can be a little messy so make sure you have a tissue or old towel on stand-by when applying. Shimmer Cream is 100% natural & organic and contains almond oil which makes the formula go on the skin with a silky-smooth texture. If you're seeking a product that makes you twinkle like a star then this may not be for you but if you seek a natural, subtle glow it is not too bad. Shimmer Cream is be best to use in summer when tans are on show. 
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Brooke Simmons