Review: Models Prefer Eye Primer

Models Prefer Eye Primer ★★
Price: $12.99
Size: 2.55ml
About: Eye primer designed to extend the wear of eye makeup and improves colour intensity. Packaged in a lightweight wind pen with felt brush tip.
Review: As a complete newbie to all things eye primer, I was really excited to give Models Prefer Eye Primer a go. So, it was with great enthusiasm that I applied the primer for the very first time, only to discover that when I stepped back from the mirror ghostly white eyes were staring back at me... and they really aren’t my thing! With Models Prefer Eye Primer less product is definitely more. For those of us who have a fair or medium skin tone, the light nude coloured pigment in the product means it is great for evening out skin tone, however it can also alter the colour of the eye shadow that is applied over the primer, making it appear lighter than it would normally appear. In my experience it is difficult to apply a thin layer given the consistency of the product, and using the product across the eyelid right up to the brow bone resulted in my eye make up appearing lighter than I would of liked. The primer itself is housed in a small compact pen-style tube that applied with a wind up sponge. The wind-up sponge makes it really easy to use provided you can perfect how much product is required. I personally found that it is very hard to distribute the product evenly with just the sponge as you have too much primer to work with. The packaging is light pink which is great for finding in your make up bag and is the perfect size for travel and taking with you on nights out (although you probably won't need to). All in all I give Models Prefer Eye Primer two stars because it does keep your eye make up intact for hours, however it does not give eye products the intensity I had hoped for, instead making eye makeup appear lighter than usual. If you like to wear natural, muted tones then this is ideal but if you are like me and sway to more vibrant eye makeup then I would look at other eye primers available. 
Tip: Less is most definitely more! Apply a small amount to each eyelid and blend well. Let Eye Primer dry for around 30 seconds and then apply eye makeup over the product.
Purchased: No
Reviewed by: Susie McLafferty