Review: Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic Mia ★★★★
Price: $150.00
Contains: Clarisonic Mia hand-held device, sensitive brush head, trial facial cleanser, rechargeable battery and charger.
About: sonic cleansing system containing a gentle brush head designed to massage the skin whilst cleansing and removing makeup. Assists in the effective removal of impurities by giving a deeper, thorough cleanse. Hand-held device is boxed with instructions and the above-mentioned containments. Available in Lavender, White and Pink.
Review: After seeing and hearing rave reviews from beauty bloggers, beauty editors and busy everyday women, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to trial Clarisonic Mia. The smallest cleansing system in the Clarisonic range, Clarisonic Mia is a handheld battery operated device that cleans skin quicker and more effectively than any cleanser or wash cloth could do alone, claiming to be six times more effective than manually cleansing. Being smaller than the rest of the Clarisonic devices, it is the perfect size to take with you when travelling, showering or need to cleanse after the gym. I was surprised to discover that the device has a little weight to it - it weighs as much as, say 100ml bottle of fragrance. Clarisonic Mia contains three rows of bristle brushes which oscillate (vibrate) and move in different directions to ensure that no area is left untouched. 

After receiving my Clarisonic Mia, I popped it on charge for 24 hours (and 12 days on it is still going strong!) and started to get excited. The charger (called a pLink) is a funky little device which is about the size of an egg and it connects to Clarisonic Mia via a magnet. Place your Mia over the charger and once the magnet connection has been made, the two devices will gently stick together you will hear a high-pitch sound and feel the device vibrate. That alone was impressive and, like a child with a shiny new toy, I dragged my husband to where the charger sat to show it off! The next day I took Mia in to the shower with me and after removing my makeup with a face wipe, I then put Mia to the test with the Clarisonic Cleanser that came with the device. The device is so easy to use! I pressed the single button it contains and suddenly the device came to life - the brush bristles started to oscillate and I placed it on my skin. Clarisonic Mia contains a timer which automatically turns off the product after one minute of use (which is generally enough). It is recommended that Mia is pressed gently on the skin (not too hard) and used in a circular motion, offering skin a micro massage. While it does not mention the neck and decolletage areas, I do like to turn the device on for another 30-60 seconds and run it along these areas because I believe it is just as vital to cleans these areas seeing as though they too are exposed to everyday impurities. The sensation is nothing like you have felt before - it is super gentle, it is soothing and interesting - except for the nose which tickled like crazy the first time but I have seemed to build up a resistance to the sensation rather quickly. One of the biggest bonuses is that Clarisonic Mia is completely waterproof, meaning that once it is charged, this cleansing device can be used in the shower ensuring that your skin is reaping the benefits anywhere, any time. Now while you can use the super gentle trial-size cleanser, Clarisonic also works well with your everyday cleanser - so long that is does not contain scrub particles which can get caught in the brush and prevent it from working effectively. Perfect for virtually all skin types, consumers can purchase different brush heads for Clarisonic Mia aimed at most skin types such as normal, sensitive, acneic and those seeking a deeper cleanse. Having normal/dry skin which builds up super quick (daily) over the nose and chin and blackheads in those built-up areas, I constantly seek new products to address this issue. 

After 10 days of use, Clarisonic Mia worked to effectively cleanse my skin, leaving it feeling smoother and bringing a few small blemishes to the surface. My skin looks more even textured in appearance - I actually popped in to work for a few hours one day and the girls commented on how I do not need to wear makeup daily (which I do) and I too can see the difference. My moisturiser seems to absorb quickly although I am not too sure just how differently it goes on at this stage, but my makeup is looking flawless and others have started to notice. I admit that while I love the cleansing sensation, I am planning on buying a deep cleanse brush because the sensitive brush is too gentle for my skin and the build-up is still an occurring issue that is driving me nuts. Would I buy it again? Absolutely - so long as I can be sure that the Deep Cleanse brush will assist with the build up on my skin because for me it is a major issue and leaves my skin constantly feeling dry and uneven.
Tip: Use 20 seconds over the forehead, 20 seconds over the nose and chin, and 10 seconds per cheek. 
Purchased: No.
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