Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Mono

Maybelline Expert Wear Mono ★★★
Price: $13.85
About: powder eye shadow. Packaged in plastic compact with mini eye shadow applicator.
Review: Seeking highly pigmented eye shadow? Then this one is not for you. Available in 11 shades, Expert Wear Mono is a very subtly pigmented powder eye shadow. Do not let the bright colour put you off because when placed on the skin, the colour is about half as bright as what you see in the compact. As a makeup artist, I have played with the eye shadows time and time again, While they are not suitable for use on photo shoots or bridal clients, they are great for women scared of wearing colour, and teens of course. Expert Wear Mono shadow comes with a mini eye shadow applicator but I certainly prefer to use an eye shadow brush to really build them up. Sadly I was not impressed with the colour intensity and overall performance, and therefore I will not purchase these again in future.
Purchased: Yes.