5 Minutes With ... Paula Theodore, Santorini Sun

Australia is often referred to as 'the land where dreams are made'. We are spoiled with beautiful weather and stunning beaches, but we also know the dangers of exposing skin to the harsh Aussie sun. While Australians have embraced the world of fake tanning, we still complain about their unappealing scent that lingers on the skin and many often question the safety of the ingredients inside. Now we can tan safely with Santorini Sun, a stunning organic self tanning product derived from natural ingredients. It is made in Australia for Australians by a fellow Australian... you beauty! Santorini Sun is a reflection of founder Paula Theodore's decision to live a wholistic lifestyle. Although born and raised in Melbourne, Paula spent a lot of time on he grandfather's farm in Lakonia, Greece, a town best known for its cultivation of oranges and organic products. Unable to find a range which was 100% natural and delivered the results she sought, Paula looked into creating her own line. Launched in 2011 Santorini Sun products are free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, and mineral oil. Enriched with a blend of organic oils, vitamins and anti-ageing ingredients. In just 18 months the brand has grown to contain a range of organic skincare products and is starting to make a name for itself on an international scale. Impressed by the brand's high performance products, we took time out with Paula to discuss the brand, her passion for Greece and the world of tanning...

Congratulations on Santorini Sun, we love the range! How did the concept eventuate?
I could not find products that were both natural and effective - especially in the sunless tanning lines - there was definitely a void in the market. With my passion for natural ingredients I was convicted to developing effective yet natural beauty solutions.

Would it be safe to say your grandfather and his fascination for herbs have influenced your plight for adopting a natural lifestyle?
Yes definitely. Growing up surrounded by the most amazing organically cultivated botanical ingredients, I witnessed their power to heal and treat our bodies in the most fascinating way. With time my awareness of living a holistic lifestyle and nourishing my body with nature where ever possible grew, and now it’s a way of life.

What is it about Greece you love?
Greece is a land rich in culture and natural beauty. I lived there for six years and had the most wonderful experience. Having sun for more than eight months of the year is so uplifting for the soul!!

A business woman with a family - how do you maintain the right balance?
I do have a very busy life but with the correct management of time I get to fit everything in. Most days however are definitely a juggling act! I love my work and spending time with my family makes it all fall into place. Just loving life at the moment …

Santorini Sun Sunless Tanning Lotion smells like no other tanning product on the market. How long did it take to create and perfect this wonderful formula?
This formula has taken us two years to perfect. Mind you, we are still always working on improvements and try keeping up to date with the latest available ingredients to enhance these already great products.

What is the one Santorini Sun product you can't live without?
I always wear sunless tanning products as I tend to have pale skin. I look and feel so much healthier with a tan. At the moment I am wearing the Sunless Cream. The other product I can’t live without is Nature's Facelift Oil. I use it also as a body moisturiser after my shower to keep my skin plump and hydrated. No other product has had such remarkable results on my skin.

Which do you prefer..
Sun tan vs. sunless tan?
I do love a natural tan but unfortunately we live in a country where the UV rays are actually harmful rather than healthy, so I choose sunless tan the majority of the time.

Natural skincare vs. scientifically formulated skincare?
Natural skincare always. As Hypocrites once said “Nature is the dominant ruler of all” and we really can’t compete with natural ingredients. Science does however play a role in how it is formulated into skincare.

Raw or artificial ingredients?
Definitely raw.

Greece or Australia?
Choosing between the two would be impossible. They both offer something special in their own unique way. Australia is such a land of opportunity and Greece has access to such an array of organic ingredients, beautiful landscape, Mediterranean beaches...

If you could choose anyone to represent Santorini Sun, who would it be and why?
I would have difficultly choosing between: Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes and Jennifer Lopez. They all represent health, beauty and vitality in such a natural way, beautiful both inside and out. Ofcourse they all have that gorgeous sun kissed glow!

Indeed they do, those Latino beauties. What else is in store for Santorini Sun?
Our expansion into new territories continues and we continue to source any miracle ingredient that mother nature offers.

What makes you feel Spoilt, Paula?
I am generally blessed with many things that make me feel spoilt, but with such a hectic schedule I love to zone out with some 'me time' and a great massage!