Review: Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara ★★★
Price: $23.95
About: volumising & lengthening mascara. Packaged in a mascara wand tube with rubber bristle brush.
After recommendations from fellow beauty fanatics, and learning that this was an award-winning mascara, I was keen to try Masterpiece Max Mascara. This mascara is available in black and black/brown formulas, giving you the option of either a natural or dramatic effect. I was surprised to see that this volumising mascara, designed to increase the thickness of lashes up to 400%, contains a relatively thin rubber wand. I was even more surprised to discover that Masterpiece Max Mascara does thicken and lengthen lashes in a few quick swoops. While I was really happy with the overall result, I was disappointed to find that the formula is not waterproof or resistant and runs very easily. If you're like me and rub your eyes through the same then you will find that this formula will smudge. For sensitive eyes, the formula could cause irritation - it does not feel very nice when it gets in there! Unfortunately there does not seem to be a waterproof version of Masterpiece Max Mascara, but if there was I would certainly consider giving it a shot. Until then, I will continue searching for an everyday mascara to add to my staple pieces. 
Purchased: Yes.
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