Review: Endota Spa Glycolic Polishing Mask

Endota Spa Glycolic Polishing Mask ★★★½
Price: $70.00
Size: 100 ml
About: hydrating face mask designed to remove dead skin cells and clear skin with physical and chemical exfoliation. Contains a creamy consistency with exfoliating beads. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: First I must start with the fact that I believe in Endota Spa's natural philosophy - their products smell heavenly, and they work a treat on the skin, however having dry skin that builds up super fast, I nearly fell off my chair when Endota Spa launched a glycolic range. Polishing Mask is an all-rounder - a creamy face mask with exfoliating grains, this product also acts as a cleanser. Because of its unusual texture as a mask, I occasionally use this as my exfoliator after cleanser, however the buffing experience is not as effective compared to when it is used as a mask. Applying Polishing Mask to clean damp skin, you will notice that it contains light buffing grains which are super gentle and can be blended over the skin with ease. When left on the skin to work its magic, the glycolic acid in Polishing Mask works deeper to dissolve dry and dead skin cells. Patience is the key because for those of us with hectic lifestyles, 10-15 minutes can seem a long time, but the results are truly worth it. Plus this range is used in Endota Spas nationally - and with good reason. Polishing Mask contains effective ingredients including shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil and glycolic acid of course. The formula smells clean and clinical in a nice way and is the signature scent of Endota's glycolic range. While I probably would not pay $70 for this mask, I can confidently say that those who use facial masks will fall in love with this. 
Tip: Remove this mask effectively by using warm water and a face wash towel/muslin cloth.
Purchased: No.