5 Minutes With ... Marie Jenkins, Kosmea Skincare

A busy housewife and mother of three young children, anyone would have thought that Marie Jenkins had enough on her plate. But one day in 1993 Marie sat with her husband and told him she wanted to make a difference to womens skin by creating her own natural skincare line inspired by the healing and hydrating properties of rosehip oil. To support this long term vision, Marie chose to sell the family car and applied for a bank loan. To say the least, Marie's husband thought she was crazy, but supported her decision. And thank goodness for that because seventeen years on Marie Jenkins, 49, is the founder of Kosmea, an Australian made and owned natural skincare company. Women from all walks of life are seeing the benefits of Kosmea skincare and the Spoilt team are falling in love with the products (you must try their Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost)! Having just opened Kosmea's flagship store in Eastwood, South Australia, we were thrilled to chat with Marie Jenkins about her love for the brand...

Marie, you are an inspiration to Australian women... a mum, wife and founder of Kosmea, how do you juggle it all?
With great difficulty, it has never an easy road as something has to give. The most important thing for me is learning to switch off from my business because I live and breathe Kosmea. It’s hard to switch off, but for me it’s not really work as I love what I do and I am passionate about it. What is really great is that my three lovely children work alongside me in the business so it’s a real family feel all the time.

Your gorgeous children Carla, Joshua and Olivia clearly share your values behind natural skincare.
They certainly do, they have been bought up with the values that I instilled in them from a very early age and now it just comes natural to them. It’s so so rewarding to see and feel their passion especially when I see them in action educating about the brand.

The word 'Kosmea' hails from Ancient Greece meaning to harmonise and bring into balance. How did you choose the name?
The name came naturally as this has always been my belief from a very young age. It’s so important to me to use products that do not pollute the earth and are harmonising and balancing for our skin and body as well. Our skin becomes harmonized and balanced when we enter a journey using Kosmea products.

Has it been challenging to introduce a new brand whilst bring awareness to the benefits of natural skincare?
Educating our consumer is always a long and slow road. What’s great though is social media and how far have we become since I started back in '93 when we never even had internet and mobile phones were almost the size of a brick! We do a lot of training and educating as I feel that this is the best way to share our knowledge in an industry that has the potential to be a very confusing industry.

What should consumers know about natural vs. artificial skincare?
Educate yourself, read the labels and research online or in the library as there is a lot of pseudo natural skin care claims out there.  Natural skin care is not an inexpensive product to produce so do be prepared to pay a lot more for your natural skin care. When I see some really cheap natural skin care out there I become really concerned as I know how much it costs to put together a real natural and quality product.

Marie, you have such beautiful skin! What are your three must-have Kosmea products? 
Thank you, my three pick of the best Kosmea products are Certified Organic Skin Clinic Rose Hip Oil, Purifying Cream Cleanser and Replenishing Moisture Cream.

Tell us about your stunning new product, Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost.
Oh this is such an amazing product, it was described to me as a fruit chocolate smelling oil by my hairdresser the other day. Its packed with powerful anti-oxidant fruit oils, the base being rosehip, raspberry, pomegranate, sea buckthorn berry, apricot and camellia, all these 100% certified organic have been specially blended to produce amazing results on your skin. You will immediately notice a brightness and firmness on your skin that you haven’t felt since your teens.

Wow! We're sold! In a few words, how would you best describe the Kosmea consumer? 
The Kosmea consumer wants to have healthy glowing skin and is concerned about ingredients but also are environmentalist’s in some shape or form, they look at companies giving back to communities and the earth.

Marie, what makes you feel Spoilt? 
Pampering of course, Vacations in tropical places and massages on a daily basis.

To see the full range or learn more about Kosmea, click here.