Review: Moroccanoil Treatment Light

Moroccanoil Treatment Light ★★★★
Price: $55.00
Size: 100ml
About: Hair oil offering long-term conditioning, shine enhancing, smoothing and static-free results, while shielding against harmful environmental stressors. Packaged in a slim brown glass bottle with twist lid. Additional pump included.
Review: Having long hair, which has been through countless of hair colourings, styling sessions and not to mention quite a few summers of harmful UV rays, my hair is at times looking a little worse for wear. Consequently, I have taken a liking to the new hair oils as they make my hair look and feel healthier. MoroccanOil Treatment Light is a lighter version of the original oil treatment, specifically created for the delicate needs of those with fine or light coloured hair like my own. The instructions on the box recommend using a small amount in damp hair before styling it. So after washing my hair, I used two pumps of the oil in on my damp mid-lengths and ends before combing and styling it. It made my hair so much easier to comb (in spite of using my usual conditioner as well), and after letting my hair dry naturally, it feels soft, shiny and deeply nourished - no doubt due to the nourishing qualities of the Argan and Linseed oils used in this hair treatment. Since then, I have used MoroccanOil Treatment Light both as a protector prior to heat styling my hair and also as a shine serum on the days where I do not wash my hair. This oil treatment is making my hair look fantastic: dull and lifeless strands are revitalised and fly-aways are reduced dramatically. And it is without looking or feeling greasy or weighed down.

Another use for the MoroccanOil Light Oil Treatment is to apply generously to dry hair before washing the hair for an intensive conditioning treatment. After washing it, the hair feels thoroughly moisturised - even softer and shinier than ever before. MoroccanOil Light Oil Treatment has a super lightweight and smooth consistency. You really only need a tiny amount and once in the hair, it is easy to distribute. With continuous use, I feel that my hair is strengthened. Gone are the weak, brittle, split ends that once were as my hair is now in a much better, healthier condition. Although this is a lighter version, I still find that it has a slightly 'heavy' effect, when I go a little heavy handed with it. I guess in my case this is a good thing because I am using less, and therefore the bottle will last me longer!

MoroccanOil Treatment Light comes in the MoroccanOil trademark turquoise box, and inside is the glass bottle with the oil treatment, along with a pump that can used in the bottle by removing the screw lid. I really love that it comes with a pump - it makes it so easy to use, as you can easily get just the amount you need, and without making a mess too. MoroccanOil Treatment Light has a gorgeous and light tropical scent, and although this fades slightly when the oil has absorbed into the hair and dried, it still leaves the hair with a delightful after scent. At $55 for 100ml, MoroccanOil Treatment Light is one of the more expensive oil treatments that I have used, but I feel that it is worth every cent. I am very impressed with the long-term results, and I now feel like my hair can't live without this product as it works so well to maintain the moisture of my locks, making it looks healthy and shiny without weighing it down – and for that reason I give MoroccanOil Treatment Light a perfect five stars.

Tip: Apply little by little to avoid using too much, and avoid putting the oil too close to the hair roots as it will make your hair look greasy.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter.
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