Review: Aveda Petal Essence Eye Color Trio

Aveda Petal Essence Eye Colour Trio ★★★★★
Price: $34.95
Size: 2.5g
About: Mini eye shadow trios, housed in a post-consumer recycled clam shell and paper sleeve, with the purpose of being stored and used in a refillable palette case. 'Plum Mist' palette contains three shades: pale pink, mid-grey/taupe and dark plum, all with a hint of shimmer.
Review: The Aveda range is all about makeup with a conscience: environmentally-friendly packaging, sustainable, plant-derived ingredients and economic assistance to indigenous rainforest tribes. All in all it is very impressive and definitely a company that I feel is worth supporting. Aveda Eye Color Trio eye shadows are infused with aromatic flower waxes and plant-derived ingredients, including Jasmine, Geranium and Orchid petal waxes, Jojoba oil, and tocopheral. They are formulated without parabens, are free from talc and mineral oils, and ophthalmologist-tested. Aveda Eye Shadows have a lightweight formula that feels silky soft. They are easy to apply and blend easily and effortlessly. The pigmentation is good - the colour builds up easily and the quality could be compared to much sought after high-end eye shadows. Having said that though I am sure some would argue that it could be a bit more intense. But I prefer a subtle look so I really have no issue with this.

Having combination skin, eye shadows normally don’t last long for me without the use of an eye primer,but I tested it without the use of a primer for the sake of this review – and was surprised to see that Eye Color Trio lasted well into the afternoon before it starting to slide and crease, which is again pretty normal on my skin, regardless of the brand of eye shadow. When I used a primer before Eye Color Trio application, the formula stayed put all day, without fading, budging or creasing. I have very sensitive eyes, so I really like the fact that this eye shadow does not drop powder dust.I find every all three colours in the Aveda Petal Essence Eye Shadow palette to be versatile, complimentary and useful. I like having the option of wearing a single shade or blend several of the complementary tones. The lightest pale pink shade is ideal as a wash of colour over the entire lid, or it can be used as a highlighter underneath the brow bone. The middle shade, the a mid-grey/taupe is deal for creating depth and contour in the crease of the lid, while the deepest shade, the dark plum defines the lash line or boosts the intensity at the crease. The Aveda Eye Color Trio comes in a temporary thin plastic case as it is intended to be put into a refillable palette case, and the temporary packaging it really is not good for carrying around in your purse or travel bag as the eye shadows will quickly get damaged. The purchase of the palette case really is essential unless you have a safe place to store the eye shadow.

Eye Color Trio does not come with an eye shadow applicator, which some may find is a negative. However, I have to say that I really don’t mind this, as I always use my own makeup brushes anyway. In terms of price, I find that $34.95 for an eye shadow is reasonable for a good quality eye shadow, and even when you take into account that you have to purchase a case for it as well, it really is priced similarly to other eye shadows of the same quality. And if you can survive without the case you will even save a few dollars as well. All in all I really love this Aveda Eye Color Trio, everything from the staying power, the colours, the fact that they do not contain parabens, talc and mineral oils, to the philosophy being the Aveda company, and for that reason, I do give it a couple of bonus points. I will definitely be looking into other product in the Aveda range.
Shade: Plum Mist
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter
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