Review: Sukin Facial Moisturiser

Sukin Facial Moisturiser ★★★½
Price: $9.95
Size: 125ml
About: facial moisturiser made from all-natural ingredients. Packaged in a plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Review: I have oily skin that is fussy when it comes to moisturisers, because they are usually too rich and make my face greasy within hours of application, so finding a suitable daily moisturiser has always been a dilemma. Sukin Facial Moisturiser delivers and maintains constant hydration, so my skin stays nourished, without developing into an oily surface film during the day. I must say, it was a pleasant surprise to look in the mirror and not see a shiny face looking back at me. I’m yet to see how it holds up on a humid, summer day, nevertheless I am thrilled with its performance so far. I’ve not suffered any adverse reactions and it hasn’t caused any congestion or breakouts. In fact my skin continues to remain clear and calm with a healthy-looking glow rather than the pesky oil slick I use to contend with. I do prefer my daytime moisturiser to also include some form of sun protection, however for under $10 you can’t expect to have it all. The price is a complete steal and I don’t know of any other botanical brand that is so ridiculously cheap. This moisturiser is a safe, affordable option for those who want to get on board the more natural skin care bandwagon. I would definitely consider purchasing the Sukin Facial Moisturiser in the future because it complements my oily skin exceptionally well and I’m happy enough with the immediate results.

The texture of the Sukin Facial Moisturiser is like a velvety cream. It is white in colour with a thin, yet not runny, consistency that I would describe as being more of a lightweight lotion than a cream. The distinct, sweet herbal scent was the first thing I noticed when I used this cream for the first time. I was worried that it would trigger my fragrance sensitivity, as I normally avoid using products that are too scented, even when they are natural. Fortunately the fragrance disappears soon after applying, so I needn’t have worried. In fact the smell has since grown on me and I now look forward to experiencing the effects of the relaxing, uplifting aroma as it stimulates my senses for an overall feeling of well being. I gently massage a pea-sized amount of moisturiser onto my face and neck, which then absorbs instantly without trace of sticky residue. The non-greasy formula leaves my skin smooth, soft and comfortable, making it a great base to use under makeup.

Sukin is an Australian, environmentally friendly, natural skin care company, that had me confused at first, as their website gave me the impression that they sell ‘organic’ products. Sukin is not actually ‘certified’ organic, they are however committed to offering a range that is void of artificial and synthetic ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, harsh detergents and many other nasty chemicals. The best selling Sukin Facial Moisturiser provides, effective long-lasting hydration, enriched with a cocktail of botanical extracts like Aloe Vera, Horsetail, Nettle and Burdock for skin calming benefits, rose hip that has healing properties and is rich in antioxidants, along with Wheat Germ, Jojoba and Avocado Oils, harmonising to promote a healthy, youthful, more radiant complexion.

The moisturiser is packaged in an environmentally friendly, recyclable, amber coloured pump-action bottle. I like that I can see through the plastic bottle to determine the content level and the pump is easy to control, allowing me to dispense as much or as little product as needed, depending on how much pressure I apply during the press. Unfortunately the bottle is not suitable for travelling, because even though the pump can be twisted into a lock position, there is the possibility that it could easily become open and leak or spill during transit.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger.
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