Review: Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator

Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator ★★★★½
Price: $22.95
Size: 50ml
About: liquid illuminator made from mineral-derived ingredients. Packaged in a plastic tube with twist lid.
Review: Having never used an illuminator, but having heard the improvements it can make to your
complexion, I was very excited to try Nude by Nature’s Soft Focus Illuminator. I have fairly good skin, I don’t break out very often, but I don’t by any means have an even complexion. My cheeks and the tips of my nose have an undeniable redness that I usually just cover up with foundation or concealer. The difference Nude by Nature’s Soft Focus Illuminator makes is incredible. It adds a natural glow to my face and breaks up that block colour you can get from using foundation. I also find that I don’t need to use bronzer to highlight my cheekbones, as Soft Focus Illuminator seems to accentuate my bone structure, especially when the light hits it - although if I was to go out at night, I would still want to use bronzer/blush due to the absence of natural light. The box left a little to be desired regarding instructions on how/where to apply the illuminator, however, I found that there are a couples different ways to incorporate it into your make-up regime. What I favoured, was to mix it in with my foundation before applying it with a brush onto my skin - I probably use about 2/3 parts foundation and 1/3 part illuminator which gives an instant radiant glow whilst simultaneously hiding my imperfections. Alternatively a more subtle way of highlighting features is to apply some with the tips of fingers or a brush, over the top of your foundation.
For those of you, myself included, who want to make their nose look slimmer, I’d recommend putting some down the middle length of your nose - the way the light hits it does make a difference to its appearance. The consistency of Soft Focus Illuminator is a little bit thinner than my foundation. The product comes in a screw off top tube, allowing for easy application. The amount required obviously varies on the way in which you use the illuminator but a little tends to go a long way and it should definitely last a good number of months. Soft Focus Illuminator by no means feels heavy on my face, if anything it allows breathability, probably due to the paraben and preservative-free natural ingredients that include Jojoba Oil and Beeswax. Even more enticingly, Nude By Nature is Australian made and owned, and not tested on animals. Nude by Nature have created a great complimentary product to foundation which really does make a difference to complexions and works well in hiding imperfections and I would use it again.
Tip:  Mix in to foundation or apply to areas such as the tops of cheekbones, the brow bone underneath your eyebrows and a dab on your cupids bow to accentuate the top lip and make it look fuller.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Rebecca Pryke
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